Our Customer Service Charter

Burwood Council and Library


This Charter is our commitment to provide you with a great experience every time that you visit us. It sets out how you can help us to provide you with the service that you need from us. Our team work by values and standards that will assist them to provide you with service that meets and exceeds what you expect. We regularly review our service so as to judge our success in meeting your needs; and we continually look at ways that we might improve our service to you.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in your life through the quality of the library services that we provide to you; and we do this by providing you with a range of services designed to meet your needs. 

Our Service values


We value providing a warm and friendly service that treats our customers like guests; one that is based on mutual respect; and on one that builds strong relationships. Our aim is to provide them with an authentic service that treats each of them equally and with one that they can trust.


We approach service with enthusiasm and energy. We engage with our customers; walking and talking with them while we take them to their area of need rather than sitting and waiting at a desk. Our energy makes us visible to our customers; and we take pride in the energy we bring to serving them.


We value working together as a team to provide our customers with a positive experience; one that not only meets their needs but one that exceeds what they expect. We know our role in serving our customers and in partnering with each other to make sure that each customer receives exceptional service.


We value being personally accountable for serving and meeting the needs of our customers. We try to view things from their point-of view and act to fix any issues that they might have. We provide service with a can-do-attitude; knowing that we can make a difference in their lives through the services that we provide.


We value being innovative in coming up with solutions that will fix any issues that our customers may face. We own complaints; seeing them as an opportunity to be innovative. We try to anticipate issues that our customers may have and fix them before they come up. We seek opportunities to innovate and improve the experience for our customers.


We value providing our customers with a unique experience by providing them with a professional and proactive service; one that makes each one of them feel welcome.  We create unique and memorable experiences for them; one that will make them want to come back to visit us time and time again; and one that they will talk and share with others

When visiting us you can expect us

  • to welcome you in a warm and friendly way
  • to provide you with prompt, courteous and efficient service; and to treat you with respect and in a culturally appropriate way at all times
  • to make eye contact with you and smile when you approach us for help
  • to listen to you and seek to understand what you are asking for by asking you questions and rephrasing your requests so as to confirm what you need
  • to be attentive to you and avoid interruptions as much as possible
  • to respond promptly to your comments or complaints
  • to say goodbye to you with a smile and invite you to come back soon
  • to respect your privacy at all times 

Help Us to Help You Make Your Visit a Positive Experience

We aim to assist you to the best of our ability and you can help us by -

  • treating both our customers and staff with respect and courtesy at all times
  • looking after your children at all times and being responsible for their use of the Library
  • treating library facilities, equipment and collections with due care
  • assisting us to understand your needs clearly
  • participating in the programs and activities offered by the Library in a spirit of good humour and co-operation
  • informing yourself of library policies and observing these at all times
  • complying with any directions given by staff
  • providing us with feedback on how we may improve our services, or how we can help to resolve a specific service problem that you may have


Your Feedback

We look for ways to enhance the services and programs that we provide to you. If you have been pleased with the way you have been served, let us know; as we like to recognise our staff when they provide great service.

If you can suggest how we can do things better, please let us know. We welcome your feedback on ways we can improve our service to you. A feedback form is available in our library or you can post comments to our Facebook page.


Our Service Promises

If you write to us we will:

  • reply to your mail and email enquiries within 3 business days
  • make contact with you to explain the reason for any delays when we are unable to reply fully within 3 business days and provide an indication of when a full reply will be sent to you
  • write in a clear and concise way
  • ensure that all letters sent to you include the relevant staff member’s contact details

If you telephone us we will:

  • answer your calls promptly and courteously
  • identify ourselves by name
  • aim to answer your enquiries immediately
  • phones calls will not go unanswered; if the person you wish to speak to is unavailable the call will be picked up by someone who will be able to assist you
  • where possible, when we need to transfer your call, we will brief the recipient about the purpose of your call so you do not need to explain the purpose of your call again

If you engage with us through social media we will:

  • reply to your enquiries and posts in a timely and professional way
  • post interesting, engaging relevant postings about our services and programs that inform you about things that maybe of interest to you

If you visit our website you can be confident that it contains:

  • relevant and up–to–date information that is easy to use and understand

If you use our Library apps we will:

  • make sure they contain relevant and up–to–date information that is easy to use and understand