Outdoor Eating

To use the footpath as an outdoor dining area for your patrons, you need to get approval from Council.

You need to request outdoor dining approval to use the footpath as an outdoor dining area for your patrons. 

Read the Outdoor Dining Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 460KB) for assistance in preparing your application and setting up safe and unobtrusive furniture for your diners.

Request Outdoor Dining Approval  

Any business that does not have the appropriate approval is at risk of receiving an infringement notice. Repeated non-compliance will result in further action. 

You can report a business who you believe does not have approval.

Report outdoor dining non-compliance

When making a report, please include the location and photographic evidence. 

Business name


Adora Handmade Chocolates  Attach Plan(PDF, 146KB)

Baked and Brewed

 Attach Plan(PDF, 11KB)

Barbeque Seoul Restaurant

Attach Plan(PDF, 23KB)  

Bengongs Tea Australia

Attach Plan(PDF, 13KB)

Burwood Hotel 121 & 123 - 125 

Attach Plan(PDF, 19KB)

Burwood Hotel  

 Attach Plan(PDF, 63KB)
 By George Coffee Attach Plan(PDF, 18KB)
C9 Chocolate and Gelato Attach Plan(PDF, 17KB)

Cafe on Strand

Attach Plan(PDF, 9KB)  

Charcoal Boy Takeaway and Grill 

Attach Plan(PDF, 10KB)
Chocolates Del Mondo Attach Plan(PDF, 17KB)

Doytao Thai

(PDF, 7KB)Attach Plan(PDF, 7KB)

 Gong Cha Attach Plan(PDF, 126KB)
 Hot Star Attach Plan(PDF, 125KB)  

Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Attach Plan(PDF, 7KB)

Ice Kirin Bar Attach Plan(PDF, 128KB)

La Plaka Cafe & Restuarant  

Attach Plan(PDF, 10KB)
Lao Bang Niang Kitchen  Attach Plan(PDF, 118KB)

Marsden Hotel Burwood

Attach Plan(PDF, 56KB)

Mona Lisa Florist 

Attach Plan(PDF, 120KB)

Monkeyhouse Cafe   Attach Plan(PDF, 357KB)
My Takeaway On Strand  Attach Plan(PDF, 117KB) 
Myssy's Fresh & Cooked  Attach Plan(PDF, 10KB)
Roji Monster Ice Cream Cafe   Attach Plan(PDF, 24KB)  

Sahara (Turkish Restaurant)

Attach Plan(PDF, 9KB)

See Bay Handmade Noodles  Attach Plan(PDF, 118KB)
 Seoul Deli Attach Plan(PDF, 10KB)
Sparqling Pizza and Grill  Attach Plan(PDF, 24KB)

Starbucks Coffee

Attach Plan(PDF, 30KB)

Stranded Deli Café

Attach Plan(PDF, 16KB)
Strandello Attach Plan(PDF, 7KB)


Attach Plan(PDF, 42KB)

The Four Casual Dining

Attach Plan(PDF, 8KB)

The Lounge By La Plaka Attach Plan(PDF, 63KB)
 Toast and Grind  Attach Plan(PDF, 23KB)  
 Zhangliang Spicy Hot Pot   Attach Plan(PDF, 22KB)