An Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

Council plans do not exist in isolation but rather, they are connected. Councils in NSW use the legislated Integrated Planning and Report Framework (IP&R) to develop a long term plan for the social, environmental and economic health, sustainability and prosperity of their areas.

The  framework, shown below, allows council to integrate various plans and strategise our works and services based on community priorities that have been identified through consultation and engagement.



The Burwood Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Burwood2036, identifies the community’s vision, long-term goals, strategies to get there and how to measure progress towards that vision. 

The purpose of the plan is to turn community aspirations into reality, and make sure Council’s priorities are set according to our residents’ needs.

Burwood2036 Community Strategic Plan(PDF, 11MB)


Cascading from our long term Community Strategic Plan is the four year Delivery Program, listing the strategic actions Council has identified as necessary to achieve the community’s priorities.

(PDF, 6MB)Burwood Council Delivery Program 2022-2026(PDF, 10MB)


In order to achieve the community’s long term aspirations and needs identified in the Burwood2030 Plan, Council assessed its current and forecasted capacity and resources (in particular money, people and assets) to carry them out. 

The result of the analysis of current and future capacity is translated into Burwood Council’s Resourcing Strategy, which consists of three components:

- Long Term Financial Plan
- Asset Management Plan
- Workforce Plan

See the Resourcing Strategy(PDF, 8MB)


The document offers a report on our performance, listing Council's financial position, our achievement and outlining plans we intend to implement in the future.

View a copy of the 2017-2018 report(PDF, 9MB)

View a copy of the 2018-2019 report(PDF, 4MB)

View a copy of the 2019-2020 report(PDF, 11MB)

View a copy of the 2021-2022 report(PDF, 17MB)

The outgoing Council is required under Section 428(2) of the Local Government Act 1993 to report on Council’s progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan during its term.

The report outlines how the Council is progressing towards achieving the social, environmental, economic and civic leadership objectives of the Burwood2030 Community Strategic Plan.

End of Term Report 2017 - 2021(PDF, 8MB)  

End of Term Report 2012- 2017 (PDF, 6MB)