A-Frames, Merchandise and Other Articles

To use the footpath to display an A-Frame or other merchandise, you need to get approval from Council.

To use the footpath to display a business A-Frame or merchandise item, you need to request approval from Council. 

Request approval to display an A-Frame or Merchandise

The A-Frames, Merchandise and Other Articles Policy(PDF, 460KB) provides guidance when preparing your application and setting up safe and unobtrusive A-Frames and merchandise.

Any business that does not have the appropriate approval is at risk of receiving an infringement notice. Repeated non-compliance will result in further action.

The following areas are excluded from A-frames:

  • Burwood Road within the Town Centre, within the B4 mixed use zone
  • Strathfield Town Centre, within the B4 mixed use zone.

Once you receive approval for your A-Frame/s, you can make a payment online.

You can report a business who you believe does not have approval.

Report an A-Frame or Merchandise issue

When making a report, please include the location and photographic evidence.

Business name


Affordable Decor 

Attach Plan(PDF, 35KB)

AGM Electrical Supplies 

Attach Plan(PDF, 133KB)

Anytime Fintess Burwood

Attach Plan(PDF, 150KB)

Ausmile Denture Studio

Attach Plan(PDF, 7KB)

Banh Meats 

Attach Plan(PDF, 140KB)

BH Smash Repairs 

Attach Plan(PDF, 155KB)

City View Apartments 

Attach Plan(PDF, 14KB)

Croydon Medical Centre

Attach Plan(PDF, 135KB)

Croydon Village Pharmacy 

Attach Plan(PDF, 152KB)

Dental Spot 

Attach Plan(PDF, 149KB)

Enfield Produce 

Attach Plan(PDF, 151KB)

Fit N Fast Burwood

Attach Plan(PDF, 145KB)

Fitbodz Fitness Centre 

Attach Plan(PDF, 144KB)

Friendly Grocer

Attach Plan(PDF, 160KB)  

H.W. Accounting & Taxation 

Attach Plan(PDF, 132KB)

Mona Lisa Florist 

Attach Plan(PDF, 193KB)

Quality Care Family Doctors 

Attach Plan(PDF, 145KB)

Raine & Horne Strathfield 

Attach Plan(PDF, 7KB)

Simpsons Pharmacy 

Attach Plan(PDF, 141KB)

Strand Cellars 

Attach Plan(PDF, 131KB)

The Croydon Grocery

Attach Plan(PDF, 238KB)

The Taste Of Village        

Attach Plan(PDF, 162KB)  

Uber Australia

Attach Plan(PDF, 22KB)