Permission to Remove or Prune a Tree

Council has the power to protect or preserve trees in the Burwood Local Government Area through:

You need to have a development consent or a tree permit from Council before removing or pruning a tree that:

  • has a height equal to or exceeding 4m, or
  • a branch spread equal to or exceeding 2m, or
  • a trunk diameter exceeding 150mm measured at a distance 1.4m above the ground.


The BDCP allows for exemptions to the above requirement. It also contains information on heritage items, assessment items and right of appeal.


Please be mindful that the unlawful removal of a tree may result in formal action being pursued in the courts. Council takes these matters very seriously and it is very important that any applicant understands the requirements of the provisions before attempting to trim, cut, lop or remove a tree. A person who does not comply with the requirements of the BDCP when it comes to the preservation of trees may receive a fine.

What do I have to do to remove a tree?


Step 1.Complete an application form

Apply to Remove or Prune a Tree

Step 2.Certification

Get certification by an appropriate qualified person (arborist, structural engineer, licensed plumber etc)

Step 3.Pay Fee

See Application Form for fees. Council will provide an invoice once form is submitted.