Planning for Growth

There are a number of State Government and Council strategies that inform future growth and development across Burwood LGA.

Council is working to identify and deliver areas for increased housing availability whilst ensuring the protection of our important heritage areas. We are focused on outcomes that promote City Excellence through the delivery of diverse housing options, opportunities for jobs, liveable places, delivery of public spaces and connections to world class public transport networks.

State Government Planning

Strategic planning work undertaken by Council ensures consistency in direction and priorities with the State’s regional and district plans.

The NSW Government’s Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Metropolis of Three Cities and district plans released by the Greater Sydney Commission in 2018, set out the planning direction and priorities for growth and change in metropolitan Sydney over the next 20-40 years.

There are five districts within Greater Sydney, with the Eastern City District encompassing Burwood along with Bayside, Canada Bay, Sydney City, Inner West, Randwick, Strathfield, Waverley and Woollahra local government areas. Strategic planning work undertaken by Council ensures consistency in direction and priorities with the State’s regional and district plans.

Other key strategic plans include

Future Transport 2056

Infrastructure NSW State Infrastructure Strategy

Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy

The Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS) was released in November 2016. PRCUTS establishes a vision, Integrated Land Use and Transport Plan and land use and planning principles to support the Corridor’s transformation.

There are eight renewal precincts along the Parramatta Road Corridor. Part of the Burwood-Concord Precinct and Kings Bay Precinct are within the Burwood LGA.

While the PRCUTS does not directly rezone land, it established the framework for land use and infrastructure planning. Rezoning of land within the PRCUTS area will be realised through planning proposals, prepared by council.

For more information on the PRCUTS.

Sydney Metro West

The NSW Government announced the investment decision for Sydney Metro West in October 2019. Sydney Metro West will dramatically improve public transport capacity for the PRCUTS precincts of Homebush, Burwood-Concord and Kings Bay.

Works have commenced on the construction of the Burwood North Station which is directly to the north of the Burwood Local Government Area. An underground pedestrian entrance to the station will be located on the Burwood side of Parramatta Road, at the corner of Burwood Road and Parramatta Road.

For more information on Sydney Metro West.

Local Strategic Planning Statement

The Burwood Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)(PDF, 15MB) sets out the Council’s 20-year vision for land use planning in Burwood, along with a suite of planning priorities and actions relating to housing, local centres, infrastructure and the environment.

The Burwood LSPS was prepared by Council to meet the requirements of section 3.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. It was publicly exhibited during August-September 2019, endorsed by Council on 11 February 2020, and supported by the Greater Sydney Commission on 12 March 2020.

The LSPS can be viewed here.(PDF, 15MB)

Burwood Housing Strategy

Burwood’s housing strategy(PDF, 11MB) has evolved to ensure that housing provision responds to local conditions and reflects community values. This strategy is embodied in Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012 – in the objectives, land use zones and development standards.

In 2019, Council prepared the Burwood Housing Strategy to set out a clear plan for housing in Burwood over the next 20 years to meet anticipated demand.

The Strategy considers the housing needs of Burwood’s current and future population, the right locations for additional housing to meet anticipated demand, and the delivery of housing supply targets set by Greater Sydney Commission.

It is a requirement that all NSW councils prepare a local housing strategy to give effect to actions in the Greater Sydney Commission’s Greater Sydney Region Plan (A Metropolis of Three Cities) and Eastern City District Plan.

The Strategy was endorsed by Council on 11 February 2020 and approved by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment on 31 May 2021.

The Burwood Housing Strategy can be viewed here.(PDF, 11MB)

Burwood North Precinct

Burwood Council is currently busy developing a clear vision for a key urban renewal precinct known as Burwood North. The town centre transformation and expansion is being stimulated by the planned Burwood North Sydney Metro Station, which will play a key role in connecting the Burwood Town Centre to the global City of Sydney and Parramatta and their growing networks of Metro stations.

Burwood Town Centre is already home to a diverse and active community who values both the vibrancy of our town centres and the history of the area. The Metro Station can act as a catalyst further strengthening and transforming Burwood North into a vibrant destination with a unique offering of food and retail-entertainment options. This requires the delivery of a comprehensive LEP review with policies and initiatives to leverage continued economic growth and orderly redevelopment.

Burwood North is also a precinct identified in the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS), which is a NSW Government strategy developed in consultation with Council that identifies ways to develop the precinct. With the advent of the Burwood North Sydney Metro Station, this plan requires further review to best capitalise on the benefits of the Metro station.

The area known as the Burwood North Precinct is approximately 26 hectares bounded by Meryla Street and Burwood Park to the south, Parramatta Road to the north, Shaftesbury Road to the east and Park Road to the west.

To keep up to date on the progress of the review of the Burwood North Precinct visit Participate Burwood.

Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is a document which outlines a proposed amendment to the rules set out in Council's LEP. A Planning Proposal may be initiated by Council or be submitted by a private applicant. A typical Planning Proposal may include a rezoning as well as an increase to maximum allowable height and density. 

Early due diligence should be undertaken to scope a proposal before the preparation of a planning proposal and to assist engagement with council, authorities and government agencies. 

Prior to preparing your Planning Proposal, you must submit a Scoping Proposal to Council. It is recommended that prior to submitting the Scoping Proposal, that a Pre-Planning Proposal Meeting be held with Council’s City Planning Team.

If you would like to discuss an amendment to the Burwood LEP 2012 or would like to organise a Pre-Planning Proposal meeting contact our City Planning Team on 9911 9911.

Planning Proposal applications must be lodged on the NSW Planning Portal.

Information on the Planning Proposal process, including Guidelines and Templates are available on the NSW Department of Planning & Environment’s Making and Amending LEPs webpage.

Past and Current Planning Proposals

Information on past and current Planning Proposals is available on the NSW Planning Portal.