Planning for Growth

Burwood Council is commencing important work to review the Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012. This is a key strategic planning document that will be used to manage current and future growth. 

There are many changes that need to be taken into account to ensure an inclusive community. Continued population growth, supporting local business, creating employment opportunities and maintaining our green and open spaces are just a few of the issues that need to be considered in ensuring a liveable community for all.

State Government Planning

The State Government has an integrated vision for strategic planning and infrastructure in NSW, you can find more information in these three planning documents:

Greater Sydney Commission 

 The Greater Sydney Commission is responsible for metropolitan planning in Sydney.

Sydney is split into five districts, each with their own district plan; Burwood is in the Eastern City District. View the Eastern City District Plan.

Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy

The Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy is the NSW Government’s 30-year plan to drive and inform land use planning and development decisions as well as long-term infrastructure delivery programs in the Parramatta Road Corridor.

There are eight renewal precincts along the Parramatta Road Corridor. Part of the Burwood-Concord Precinct and Kings Bay Precinct lie within Burwood.

Canada Bay and Strathfield Councils, who also have land in the Parramatta Road Corridor, together with Burwood, have identified the need for additional urban design, traffic and transportation investigations. The three Councils consider this as essential work to ensure that all future decisions to rezone land are made with a thorough understanding of the potential cumulative impacts and will achieve orderly, transparent, and consistent development, and above all, the highest quality planning and design outcomes.

As of March 2021, the three Councils are still working with the NSW Transport cluster to finalise the traffic modelling work which will inform the Traffic and Transport study. The Urban Design Study is currently on hold pending the findings of the traffic work. This has been significantly delayed with an anticipated early 2021 timeframe. 

The Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) was established by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces in July 2020 to resolve long standing projects which have become ‘stuck’ in the system. The PRCUTS is one of these priority projects.

The PDU is working in consultation with Council to speed up and resolve the PRCUTS. This is still progressing as of March 2021 with an unknown completion date. It is to be noted there is a significant amount of work still to be done before rezoning can be completed. However, Burwood Council is progressing its internal analysis and built form testing. Council will be able to complete the precinct wide studies once the strategic traffic modelling by the State Government is completed and estimate the future impacts and necessary improvements to the local road network.

The community will be updated of progress on this webpage. 

You can find more information on Landcoms website.

Sydney Metro West

Sydney Metro West is a proposed underground railway line which will connect Greater Parramatta and the Sydney CBD.

A station is proposed directly to the north of the Burwood Local Government Area to be called ‘Burwood North’. An entrance to this station will be on the corner of Burwood Road and Parramatta Road.

Burwood Council is working collaboratively with Sydney Metro and Transport for New South Wales in the planning and design of this railway line and station.

You can find more information on the Sydney Metro website.

Useful Websites

  • Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, which governs State and regional planning, legislation relating to pollution and the environment, and develops policies in relation to air quality, climate change and water. The website provides information on metropolitan strategies, State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) and initiatives to streamline the planning system.
  • Greater Sydney Commission is leading metropolitan planning in Sydney. Key projects are the Greater Sydney Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities and the District Plans.
  • NSW Legislation provides access to all NSW legislation (acts, regulations and environmental planning instruments).
  • Environment, Energy and Science Group (DPIE), which includes the majority of the former Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Energy team from the former Energy, Water and Portfolio Strategy Division in Department of Planning and Environment, and the Resources Regulator. The Heritage functions of OEH have moved to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.
  • Heritage NSW (Department of Premier and Cabinet), which has responsibility for Aboriginal cultural heritage, State Heritage Register listings and approvals, archaeology and maritime heritage, grants delivery and activation.
  • Roads and Maritime Services (Transport for NSW), which is responsible for the maintenance and development of the roads and traffic systems of NSW, in conjunction with state and local government agencies.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service, which administers legislation for National Parks, threatened species and Aboriginal sites.
  • Government Architect NSW, (GANSW) which provides strategic design leadership in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. Has important design documents such as Better Placed and Greener Places.
  • For all other Government-related enquiries at the State level, go to the State Government website


SEPPs relevant to the Burwood LGA can be viewed by clicking on the following links:


Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

 The LSPS can be viewed here

What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)?

Our LSPS is an important tool for local strategic planning and guides land use planning. Over the next 20 years the LSPS will inform local statutory plans and development controls, and give effect to regional and district plans. The LSPS also identifies where further strategic planning effort may be needed and shape's how the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) will evolve over time. Council assesses planning proposals against the statement to decide whether or not to support them.

The LSPS identifies actions that respond to and build on the place and community’s strengths and potential.


Council’s LSPS received a letter of support from the Greater Sydney Commission on 12 March 2020. It was subsequently published on the NSW Planning Portal on 18 March 2020 which completes the approval process. This follows a program of community engagement in August and September 2019 on the draft LSPS.

The draft LSPS was on public exhibition for a six-week period from 13 August to 16 September 2019 for review and comment.

All submissions and feedback were reviewed and analysed to inform the final version of the LSPS that was endorsed by Council at the Council meeting of 11 February 2020.

In the lead up to the preparation of the LSPS, Council commissioned seven technical studies to inform priorities and actions:

  • Traffic and Transport Study
  • Community Facilities and Open Space Strategy
  • Local Housing Strategy
  • Urban Design Strategy and Masterplan
  • Local Employment and Investment Strategy
  • Resilience Strategy
  • Smart Cities Strategy

These studies are in the process of being finalised and will be published on this website once complete.

While the LSPS will be the over-arching document presenting the desired land use future for the Burwood local government area, the Burwood Local Environmental Plan (LEP) sets out the specific zonings and local planning controls that will inform, guide and control development in the local government area.

The LEP will be updated during 2020 and early 2021 to implement the LSPS vision, priorities and actions. This will include further opportunities for feedback and community engagement in the lead up to and during the public exhibition. 

Planning Proposals

The Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012 (BLEP) is the statutory land use planning legislation for the Burwood LGA.

If you wish to amend the BLEP, a planning proposal must be submitted to Council for consideration, followed by submission to State government for approval.

Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012

A planning proposal is a legal planning process. If approved, it may amend the zoning, heights, floor space ratio, permissible land uses or other provisions of the BLEP.

Department of Planning, Industry and Environments website

How do I apply?

A planning proposal needs to include some very detailed information. To ensure your application is comprehensive Council strongly recommends you engage a qualified planning professional to prepare your proposal. Your planner can advise you about the specialist advice necessary to support the planning proposal.

Pre-Planning Proposal Meeting

Council is able to provide advice on the application in a pre-planning proposal meeting. There is a fee for this meeting.

Planning Proposal Application

Planning proposals must be prepared in accordance with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s guide to preparing planning proposals.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a planning proposal application covers assessment, reporting, community notifications, State agency consultation, documentation for the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, review of submissions and progression of the planning proposal to finalisation. Please refer to Council’s fees and charges for more information. 

Planning Portal with previously exhibited planning proposals

Department of Planning Industry and Environments LEP Tracking page


Planning Reform 

Under the planning legislation, Council is required to review the Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012 (BLEP) to help implement the Eastern City District Plan developed by the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC).

This piece of work builds upon the vision for Burwood’s local government area (LGA) set out in the Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), which outlines how growth and change will be managed in the future.

In May 2018, the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) released a LEP Roadmap to guide local councils’ LEP review and LSPS process. Most councils, including Burwood, were given three years to complete the process, which is due around mid of 2021. Councils were given the option to prepare one LEP amendment, multiple LEP amendments, or a comprehensive new LEP.

The BLEP review has been divided into two tranches of work:

• A housekeeping BLEP amendment to investigate and change planning controls for specific areas and properties identified

• A comprehensive BLEP amendment for other specific precincts

In both, Housekeeping and Comprehensive LEP amendments, Council wants to maintain an appropriate dwelling mix, promote housing choice and affordability, as well as achieve a transition between the Burwood Town Centre and the surrounding residential areas.

Supporting Documents:

• Greater Sydney Commission A Metropolis of Three Cities

• Greater Sydney Commission Eastern City District Plan

• Burwood Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

Housekeeping LEP

The Housekeeping LEP focused on investigating, changing or updating planning controls for specific areas and properties identified.

The main change proposed by the Housekeeping LEP review was recommended changes to the Livingstone Street Precinct. Close to the town centre, this was an area identified as suitable for new residential development. This precinct has been an important first step for Council in rezoning and setting development standards for suitable urban infill locations across the LGA that will support improved housing diversity and choice for the community.

With the lodgement of the Housekeeping LEP planning proposal to the Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPI&E) on April 30 2021, Council has met an important milestone of the roadmap.

Council is now commencing the Comprehensive LEP amendment process with an expected completion in late 2023.

It is expected that the Housekeeping LEP amendment will be placed on public exhibition in the coming weeks.

Six boards (Images below, click each image for an enlarged view) were presented at the LEP review community consultation drop in sessions held on Tuesday 2 February and Thursday 4 February 2021.

As per community feedback, we are making these available online.

Each precinct had three boards representing each a potential development option comparing side by side the existing development and a potential development scenario, as follows:

Livingstone Street and Sym Avenue Precinct

Clarence and Church Streets Precinct

Please note:

  • The study area is outlined in blue. Drawings are not to scale.

    Amalgamation patterns outlined in red indicate one of many possible patterns.

  • Each development option for each of the precincts e.g.: A, B and C, assumes 100% redevelopment of potential amalgamated sites.
  • Built forms represent building envelopes which are larger than actual buildings.
  • Backdrop buildings in purple represent approved developments not yet built.
  • Heritage Items are shown in orange. No redevelopment potential is assumed.
  • No redevelopment potential is assumed for recent buildings (within 5 years).

Disclaimer: This is intended for general information purposes only. These show potential outcomes and no decision has been made as to which options Council may support. 

Comprehensive LEP

The aim of the Comprehensive LEP is to undertake detailed investigation to test potential density, land use and urban design outcomes in identified areas across the LGA.

This will be supported by a number of supporting studies such as:

• Burwood Urban Design Study and Masterplan (Internal document)

Burwood Local Housing Strategy

• Burwood Local Employment and Investment Strategy (Internal document)

• State government Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS)

 The lessons learnt during the Housekeeping LEP amendment provided insights for other areas in the LGA in the provision of opportunities for medium density housing, and promoting a variety of housing choices in appropriate locations. One of these areas is Burwood North.


Burwood North Precinct

The Burwood North Precinct is a key urban renewal precinct close to the Burwood Town Centre. With recent announcements confirming the location of the new Burwood North Metro Station, it is important that planning for this precinct is reviewed.

This will build upon work already undertaken for the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS). This recognising the potential for the precinct to become an exciting and vibrant destination supported by the excellent public transport links to Sydney CBD and Parramatta provided by Sydney Metro. 

More information about PRCUTS can be found under State Government Planning.



Development Control Plan Review

Further work will be undertaken with a Development Control Plan (DCP) review and Local Infrastructure Contributions Plans review.

More information will be available on this webpage soon.

How to Have Your Say

Burwood Council will be making regular updates on the progress of the LEP review. This will include community information and consultation events over the next 12 months.

Council will be making regular updates and providing information to the community on important steps in the LEP review process. This will include social media, website updates and correspondence to affected land owners. This will include social media, website updates and correspondence to affected land owners. 

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