Computers and Printing

Computers at Burwood Library

Library members can book a computer, print, and scan.  You can also add credit to your Library card to allow for fast release of your printing and copying.

Each library member can use the public computers for up to two hours every day. This can be spread over more than one session.


Book a PC

Library members can use our computers for up to two hours per day.  You can book a computer 1 day ahead.

Book a computer here 

Print and Collect

You can print from the PCs within the library, or send a print job from your computer or device remotely. The print job is then ready for you to release at the library.

Upload your printing here


Add Credit

Add credit to your library account to pay for printing, copying, or library charges. You can add credit at the library kiosk using coins, notes or a card. Or, you can top up your account online using a credit or EFTPOS card. Any unused credit is not refunded, but will remain on your account for future printing or copying.

Add credit online