Our Organisation

Burwood Purpose Vision Values

Our Purpose

Connect. Inspire. Create.

Our Vision

The City of transformation, where the fearless and creative turn imagination into reality.

Our Values

ONE TEAM – We foster connections and collaborate to achieve shared goals

CURIOSITY – We are innovative, forward-thinking and embrace possibilities
COURAGE – We act boldly and rise to a challenge
EXCELLENCE – We are exceptional and deliver memorable experiences


General Manager and Executive Team

Council's Executive team is responsible to Council for ensuring effective and efficient management of Council operations.

General Manager: Tommaso Briscese

  • Place Management and Communication

 Director Community Life: Brooke Endycott

  • Customer Experience and Business Improvement
  • Library and Community Hub
  • Community and Culture
  • Enfield Aquatic Centre
  • Community Safety

Director City Assets: George El Kazzi

  • Traffic and Transport
  • Assets and Design
  • Project Management
  • Operations

Director Corporate Services: Fab Zincone

  • Finance and Resource Management
  • Governance and Risk
  • Information Technology
  • Property and Building Services

Director People and Performance: Tara Donaldson

  • People and Culture

Director City Strategy: Ryan Cole

  • Building and Development
  • Strategic Planning, Heritage and Place Planning 


Our Brand


Council's brand identity is designed to reflect the changes which have made it a vibrant and multicultural destination, while retaining its heritage.

The current identity, which was adopted in 2019, aims to better promote the area’s attractions and benefits as well as guide the Council in serving residents.

Residents’ input guided the design. Feedback included that the area had grown to become a vibrant, dynamic, more diverse one, and a visitor destination and that the previous identity no longer reflects the area.

The logo design, based on the letter `B’, is divided into six parts for the suburbs of the area: Burwood, Burwood Heights, Croydon, Croydon Park, Enfield and Strathfield. Residents’ priorities are represented by the colour scheme: harmony and friendship (pink), trust and stability (light blue), creativity and vibrancy (orange), heritage and heart (red), the natural environment (green) and energy and optimism (yellow). Traditional typeface has been used in keeping with the commitment to heritage.

Mayor John Faker, a resident who grew up in the area, was pleased to see a contemporary identity which reflected modern Burwood.

“I am proud we have created something inspiring that is built on the shared vision of the community and Council,” he said.

“This dynamic result will serve us well into the future.”

The previous ‘Municipality of Burwood’ logo was designed in 1936.