Mayor and Councillors

Burwood Council is governed by seven councillors elected for a term of four years.  It is led by a Mayor who is popularly elected by the community.  A Deputy Mayor is elected by fellow councillors from among their number to serve for two years.

Note that the NSW Government has further postponed all NSW local government elections that were initially due to occur in September 2020 and had been postponed to September 2021.  The next election is now scheduled for 4 December 2021.  The decision to postpone the next election was in response to serious community health risks posed by COVID-19.  Previously elected councillors continue to hold office until the next election. The delay of the next election does not affect scheduling for subsequent council elections planned for September 2024.

Councillors are collectively responsible for providing effective civic leadership that is focused on agreed strategic directions.  These directions are expressed through Community Strategic Plans plus supporting plans and strategies developed by Council in response to community needs and priorities.  Council also takes account of regional planning imperatives established by the NSW Government as well as relevant national priorities affecting local government.

The collective responsibilities of councillors also extend to:

  • directing and controlling the affairs of Council
  • operating in a financially sustainable manner
  • acting in accordance with integrated planning and reporting principles
  • keeping the overall performance of the Council under review
  • making decisions necessary for proper exercise of regulatory functions
  • consulting regularly with community organisations and other key stakeholders
  • ensuring that Council acts honestly, efficiently and appropriately.

Individually, each councillor is obliged to:

  • be an active and contributing member of the governing body
  • make considered and well informed decisions
  • participate in the development of the integrated planning and reporting framework
  • represent the collective interests of residents, ratepayers and the local community
  • facilitate communication between the local community and the governing body
  • uphold and represent accurately the policies and decisions of the governing body
  • acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform effectively as a councillor
  • be accountable to the local community for the performance of the council.

People who work for Burwood Council are responsible for the design and delivery of facilities and services in line with resolutions of Council. The elected Council consults with the general manager in directing and controlling the affairs of the Council.



Councillor Representation on Committees

Council sponsors and / or provides representation to various types of bodies that may have an important bearing on the way Council may exercise its functions.  They fall within three main categories – community based advisory committees, technical and management advisory committees and independent industry bodies.

Community Based Advisory Committees

Community based advisory committees sponsored by Burwood Council typically consist of a combination of interested representatives from the community, elected members of Council and expert staff.  It is customary for a councillor to serve as the Chairperson of each such Committee.  These committees provide recommendations to Council on matters of interest that fall within the subject scope of the relevant committee.

The committees have no delegated authority or independent decision making powers and are not permitted to act autonomously.  They are obliged to forward any recommendations to elected Council on proposed action and must gain approval before engaging in any action not already approved.

Burwood 150 Year Anniversary Steering Committee

  • Chairperson: Mayor Cr John Faker
  • Delegate and Alternate Chair: Cr Heather Crichton
  • Alternate Delegate: Cr Lesley Furneaux-Cook

Burwood Anzac Commemorative Service Committee

  • Chairperson: Mayor Cr John Faker
  • Delegate(s): N/A
  • Alternate(s): Cr Ernest Chan

Multicultural Advisory Committee

  • Chairperson: Cr Ernest Chan
  • Delegate(s): N/A
  • Alternate(s): Cr Joseph Del Duca

National Servicemen’s Association Committee

  • Chairperson: Cr Heather Crichton
  • Delegate(s): N/A
  • Alternate(s): Cr Joseph Del Duca 

Sandakan Community Educational Committee

  • Chairperson: Cr Heather Crichton
  • Delegate(s): N/A
  • Alternate(s): Cr Ernest Chan

Technical Advisory Committees

 These committees may consist of various combinations of Councillors, staff and external experts who provide advice to Council on matters requiring technical expertise. 

The Burwood Council ARIC (Audit Risk and Improvement Committee) provides independent assurance and assistance to Council in the effective discharge of its responsibilities for financial reporting, risk management, internal controls and governance as well as internal and external audit.  It is subject to requirements under the NSW Local Government Act 1993.

The Burwood Local Traffic Committee deals with roads and traffic management responsibilities delegated to Council by the NSW Government under road transport legislation.

The General Manager’s Contract Review Panel is charged with responsibility for oversight of performance of the General Manager and contractual arrangements governing this.

These technical and management advisory committees cannot act autonomously and must forward any recommendations for action to elected Council for endorsement before action can proceed.  Please note: in the case of the Burwood Local Traffic Committee, any variations by elected Council to recommendations put to it by the Committee are subject to review by NSW Police and Transport for NSW before relevant action may commence.

Burwood Council Audit Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC)

  • Chairperson: N/A
  • Delegate(s): Cr Lesley Furneaux - Cook and Cr Raj Dixit
  • Alternate(s): Nil - no provision for this in ARIC charter

Burwood Local Traffic Committee

  • Chairperson: Mayor Cr John Faker
  • Delegate(s): N/A
  • Alternate(s): Cr Ernest Chan

General Manager’s Contract Review Panel

  • Chairperson: Mayor Cr John Faker
  • Delegate(s): Cr Lesley Furneaux-Cook and Cr Ernest Chan
  • Alternate(s): Cr Heather Crichton


Independent Industry Bodies

These are entities that are independent of Council but which provide for ongoing Council representation as per their terms of reference.

Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel

  • Chairperson: N/A
  • Delegate(s): Mayor Cr John Faker and Cr Ernest Chan
  • Alternate(s): Cr Lesley Furneaux- Cook, Cr Heather Crichton, Cr George Mannah, Cr Raj Dixit and Cr Joseph Del Duca 

Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) - Full Committee

  • Chairperson: N/A
  • Delegate(s): Mayor Cr John Faker and Cr Ernest Chan
  • Alternate(s): Cr George Mannah and Cr Heather Crichton

SSROC - Sustainability Committee

  • Chairperson: N/A
  • Delegate(s): Cr Raj Dixit and Cr Lesley Furneaux-Cook
  • Alternate(s): Nil - based on existing convention

SSROC - Program Delivery Committee

  • Chairperson: N/A
  • Delegate(s): Cr Joseph Del Duca and Cr Ernest Chan
  • Alternate(s): Nil - based on existing convention