Australian Citizenship Ceremonies



Our in-person ceremonies are on hold due to the current lockdown. We know some residents are eagerly awaiting their citizenship ceremony.

We will be starting online ceremonies very soon and you will be given the opportunity to either attend an online ceremony or wait for an in-person ceremony.

As online ceremonies are much smaller it will take time to work through our waiting list and this will be done in order of when you were approved.  Please be patient, emailing or phoning us will not make it happen any faster.

If you have compassionate or compelling grounds for a ceremony, please contact the Department of Home Affairs directly.

Invitations will be sent by email, so be sure your email and other contact details are up to date in your Immi account.

Please note, our ceremonies are for people in the Burwood local government area only. If you don’t live in this area you need to contact your local council.

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies 

Burwood Council’s Role 

Burwood Council places great importance on Australian citizenship. We host ceremonies for local residents who have been approved to become Australian citizens by the Department of Home Affairs. Australian citizenship formalises your membership to the Australian community. It is an important decision that impacts you and the future of your children. It entitles you to the privileges of Australian citizenship and brings with it the responsibilities of being an Australian citizen.

You will be invited to a ceremony if you live in the Burwood local government area and you are invited in order of your approval date.

Please note: The Burwood Council does not process applications and our staff are not involved in any decision making at all.

All of these decisions are made by the Department of Home Affairs. If you have any questions about your application, contact the Department of Home Affairs or phone the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.