Permits and Registrations


Find information on permits, registrations and policies that apply to businesses in the Burwood area.

Busking Permits, Filming Permits, Promotions and Charitable Collections Permit and Registration of Premises can all be found below.

If you are a food business, see info about food safety and health here.

Buskers must hold an authorised permit, issued by Burwood Council.

View our Busking Policy

Apply for a Busking Permit;

Busking Permit - Parental Consent 

  • Permits may be obtained from Burwood Council Chambers following payment of an application fee.
  • Permit cost is $10 (1 week)

Call Council on 9911 9911 if you require further information.

Our local area contains many locations that are attractive for film makers, ranging from the Federation houses and streetscapes in Appian Way, to the well maintained parks and town centre.

Burwood Council is actively supporting filming in the area and will co-operate with film makers and promote the opportunities that exist in Burwood.

The NSW government is strongly supportive of the screen industry in its many forms. However, it also recognises that location filming requires a balance between the interests of the local community, including both residents and businesses, and the need of the screen industry to share public space for film production.

Apply for a Filming Permit

An authorised permit is required by organisations and personnel involved in the promotions and charitable collections activities in the Burwood Local Government Area.

Apply for Promotions and Charitable Collections Permit.

Burwood Council’s policy is to facilitate promotions and charitable collections in the Burwood LGA on public property in a way that supports organisations but at the same time minimises disruptions to residents and businesses.