Multicultural Burwood

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Burwood Council recognises, values and celebrates cultural diversity and embraces diversity within our community.

Burwood Council welcomes people of all races, nationalities and cultures and strives to ensure that all people feel safe and at home in the Burwood Local Government Area. Council strongly condemns racism, discrimination, prejudice, bullying, and any action that infringes upon the human rights and dignity of an individual or group.

Council encourages the media and community members, both within Burwood and the wider Australian community, to stand up to racism, racial vilification and stereotyping, and to report any discrimination through the appropriate channels.

Burwood’s cultural diversity is a key strength of the local community. Burwood Council is committed to celebrating our multicultural heritage and promoting community harmony, which are the building blocks of a progressive and flourishing society.


The Multicultural Advisory Committee provides Council with enhanced insight into the needs of our multicultural community and makes recommendations based on their knowledge of the local culturally diverse community.

If you have an idea or concern that you believe should be addressed by the committee please email All queries can be addressed to this email address or by calling Council's Community Development Coordinator on: 9911 9941.

Burwood Council recognises, values and celebrates cultural diversity and embraces diversity within our community. The Burwood Council’s Multicultural Strategy 2013-2016 reaffirms and will guide Council’s work in planning, service delivery and community development for its culturally diverse community.

A new strategy will be developed soon, in the meantime view current strategy.

Asian Australian Alliance

 The Asian Australian Alliance are actively collecting information on incidents of anti-Asian racism and encourage all residents to fill out the COVID-19 Coronavirus Racism Incident Report Survey

 A number of these incidents have been reported to the police or featured on Australian/global news/media outlets. However, it is likely that a large portion of these incidents would go unreported, and the purpose of this reporting mechanism is to capture enough data to understand the frequencies of these attacks that are related to the pandemic.

 Responses to this reporting mechanism will be used for analytical purposes as well as help in creating campaigns in raising the voices for Asians and Asian Australians in Australia.

Anti- Discrimination NSW 
Certain types of discrimination are against the law in specific areas of public life in New South Wales. If you have experienced a type of discrimination, harassment, vilification or victimisation covered by the law, you can make a complaint to Anti-discrimination NSW.

Anti-discrimination NSW handle complaints of discrimination covered by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. If you make a complaint to them, they can help you and the other party find a way of resolving the matter according to the law.

If the allegations in your complaint appear to be covered by the Act, they will conduct an impartial and confidential investigation.
Download our complaint form


To report incidents of harassment or abuse please contact Burwood Police Area Command

NSW Police use bilingual staff and telephone interpreter services to support culturally and linguistically diverse communities. NSW Police are able to arrange an interpreter to attend interviews with NSW Police if required. Contact the Burwood Police Area Command on (02) 9745 8499 for more information.

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