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Compliment & Complaint


Any person with a direct interest in Burwood Council, including residents, land owners, business people or other parties, may ask Council to change an existing policy, a decision or take action for a certain purpose or for the benefit of particular person(s). 

The subject of a petition must be a matter on which the Council has the power to act. 

What is a Valid Petition:

A valid petition should:

  • be headed “Petition”
  • be signed by 8 or more people and from different households (in relation to Development Applications signatures must be from the notification area)
  • be made by persons that have a direct interest in Burwood Council such as residents, land owners, business people or in some other capacity
  • detail the purpose of the petition at the top of each page of that petition
  • contain the names, addresses and signatures of the persons signing the petition in their handwriting
  • hand written signatures is not a requirement for electronic petitions
  • contain wording that notifies people who sign the petition that their personal details will be disclosed to another parties
  • state the name of the person who initiated the petition, and an address to which a response can be forwarded as the head petitioner
  • be respectful and temperate in its language and not contain language disrespectful to Council or any other person
  • be legible
  • not promote illegal acts
  • if written in a language other than English, must be accompanied by a certified translation, including contact details of the translator
  • be in relation to a matter on which Council has the power to act.

Lodging the Petition:

A petition may be lodged by either mail to Council’s Customer Service Centre, 2 Conder Street Burwood NSW, 2134 or email 

What happens after a petition has been lodged with Council? 

Every petition lodged with Council is referred to Council and to the section within Council responsible for the matter that is the subject of the petition.

A response to the request in the petition will be sent the head petitioner. In the event this person cannot be identified, the first signatory that appears on the petition will receive the notification.  

For further information please see Council’s Petitions Policy(PDF, 247KB) .



Fraud & Corruption

All reports of suspected fraud or corruption will be considered by Burwood Council’s Internal Ombudsman. Any  residents, local businesses, ratepayers, community groups or Council officials who have concerns or complaints about unethical behaviour, misconduct, corrupt conduct or maladministration within Burwood Council may contact the Internal Ombudsman. 

Report Fraud or Corruption