Development Codes and Policies

The owner of a building, or the owner’s agent, needs to provide to Council:

  • A final Fire Safety Statement each year where an essential fire safety measure applies.
  • A supplementary Fire Safety Statement, as often as set out in the current Fire Safety Schedule for the building, where a critical fire safety measure applies.  

Find out more about Fire Safety Certification

Access the Fire Safety Statement template(PDF, 551KB)

The Hoarding Policy (HP) prescribes the policy to control the placement of temporary structures on or above a public road. The HP is considered in the assessment of applications lodged by applicants seeking approval to erect a temporary structure on or above Council’s infrastructure such as footways and roadways to enable construction or maintenance activity to occur on or around buildings.

The display of artwork, graphics and images on temporary structures is strongly encouraged. In certain circumstances this is mandatory. This minimises adverse impacts, adds visual interest and increases the presence of creativity in the streetscape. Artwork and graphics also discourage graffiti and bill poster attachment by eliminating blank surfaces.

As temporary structures are placed on land owned by the Council, the Council reserves the right to require an applicant to display specific artwork and community information about Council initiatives. This includes major projects, special events, festivals and other initiatives undertaken by the Council from time-to-time. 

The Council is in the process of developing generic artwork that can be supplied to the applicant for use. Site-specific high quality artwork commissioned by the applicant will add visual interest in the streetscape and appropriate for the locality. Applicants must discuss this proposal with Council prior to commissioning the design. 

For works associated with heritage items, historic images of the building or local streetscape or photographs from the Council’s image bank may be used as the graphic display. The display of historic images may also be required for temporary structures located in heritage conservation areas. Historic locality and site specific images are available through the Council’s image bank 

Hoarding Policy - June 2021(PDF, 941KB)

Please see Burwood Council’s Public Art to view current hoarding artworks and historical images available for use by hoarding applicants.


The Landscaping Code addresses the aesthetic, functional and environmental benefits of landscaping. The Code provides guidelines for the preparation of Landscape Plans as an integral component of new development across Burwood Council.

Landscaping Code(PDF, 1002KB)

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment guidelines outline obligations on applicants, those making submissions and decision makers in relation to the disclosure of information relating to political donations and gifts during the planning making or development assessment process.

Political Donation and Gift Disclosure


Read about Council's requirements for managing storm water drainage during building and development work.

Stormwater-Management-Code(PDF, 270KB)

This policy informs developers or applicants where and how bonus development may be approved.

The Stormwater Management Code Supplement also informs Council Officers and experts appointed by Council who will assess the Development Application and/or the Section 4.55 Modification Application (s4.55), which involve bonus development in the public interest.

Burwood Council Stormwater Management Code Supplement(PDF, 1MB)

The Burwood Public Art Guidelines for Developers was endorsed by Council on 13 December 2022.

The Guidelines outline the expectations and steps to assist developers, art consultants, artists, architects, and landscape architects in the provision of public art in major developments. The Guidelines should be read in conjunction with Section 5.11 Public Art in Private Developments of Burwood DCP.

The Burwood Public Art Guidelines for Developers can be viewed here.

Burwood-Public-Art-Guidelines-Final-December-2022.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

For further information with respect to Public Art in Burwood please visit Public Art.