Recycling Services

We provide a range of recycling services across the Burwood Local Government Area.


We provide kerbside mixed recycling (paper, plastics, glass and metal) as well as battery drop-off boxes and e-waste drop-off days across Burwood Council.

What can I recycle? 

Residents are provided with a 240L yellow-lid recycle bin which is collected fortnightly. 

You can put these items in your recycling bin: 

  • Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, Office paper, Light cardboard packages
  • Plastic: Plastic containers, tubs and bottles (no lids)
  • Milk and juice cartons (no lids)
  • Metals: Steel and aluminium cans (no lids), Empty aerosols
  • Glass: Bottles and jars (no lids)

We don't accept the following in your recycling bin: 

  • No Plastic bags. If you want to recycle your plastic bags please return them to the plastic bag recycling bin at your supermarket.
  • No Polystyrene (eg. meat trays)
  • No Light Globes
  • No Ceramics


Encourage your neighbours to recycle right

Request free recycling signs for shared bin rooms in apartment blocks and recycling flyers in a range of languages.

Contact our Sustainability Team at to request signage or flyers for your apartment block. 


e-waste, Mattress and Whitegoods drop off days

Residents are offered regular e-waste, mattress and whitegoods drop off days at the Council Depot, Kingsbury Street, Croydon Park.

E-waste includes televisions, computers and accessories and small electrical appliances.

Mattresses are limited to two per household. Residents will be required to show proof of address.

Check e-waste, mattress and whitegoods drop-off days [link]