Recycling Services

We provide a range of recycling services across the Burwood Local Government Area! 


We provide kerbside mixed recycling (paper, plastics, glass and metal) as well as mobile phone, battery drop-off boxes and e-waste drop-off days across Burwood Council.

What can I recycle? 

Residents are provided with a 240L yellow-lid recycle bin which is collected fortnightly. 

You can put these items in your recycling bin: 

  • Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, Office paper, Light cardboard packages
  • Plastic: Plastic containers, tubs and bottles (no lids)
  • Milk and juice cartons (no lids)
  • Metals: Steel and aluminium cans (no lids), Empty aerosols
  • Glass: Bottles and jars (no lids)

We don't accept the following in your recycling bin: 

  • No Plastic bags. If you want to recycle your plastic bags please return them to the plastic bag recycling bin at your supermarket.
  • No Polystyrene (eg. meat trays)
  • No Light Globes
  • No Ceramics


Encourage your neighbours to recycle right

Request free recycling signs for shared bin rooms in apartment blocks and recycling flyers in a range of languages.

Contact our Environment and Health Team at to request signage or flyers for your apartment block. 

Secondhand Saturday

Council is currently reviewing the Secondhand Saturday program.

Recycle your old mobile phone

Recycle your old mobile phone and accessories through the MobileMuster Box located in Customer Services at Burwood Council.

MobileMuster ensures old mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories are kept out of landfill by recycling them in a safe, secure and ethical way.  

This free recycling service is a not for profit program and aims to:

  • keep old mobile phones, batteries and accessories out of landfill
  • recycle phones to the highest environmental standards
  • maximise the percentage of materials recovered so they can be reused therefore substituting new raw materials.

No mobiles or accessories are sold for reuse.  

Visit for more information.

e-waste, Mattress and Whitegoods drop off days

Residents are offered regular e-waste, mattress and whitegoods drop off days at the Council Depot, Kingsbury Street, Croydon Park.

E-waste includes televisions, computers and accessories and small electrical appliances.

Mattresses are limited to two per household. Residents will be required to show proof of address.

Check e-waste, mattress and whitegoods drop-off days [link]