Statutory Registers


Burwood Council contracts are listed below. There are three types of contracts listed in the register – Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

  • Class 1 Contracts are those over $150,000 via a tender process
  • Class 2 Contracts are those over $150,000 and where generally there has been a public tender process and subsequent substantial negotiation with the contractor.
  • Class 3 Contracts are those over $5 million dollars

Class 1 Contract = $150,000 or more - General Contracts(PDF, 374KB)

Class 1 Contract = $150,000 or more - SSROC Panel(PDF, 53KB)

SSROC panels used by Burwood Council June 2019(PDF, 114KB)

Councillors and designated persons are required under the Burwood Council Code of Conduct to lodge disclosure of interest returns at least once a year.

Disclosures from 2019/2020 financial year will be published here progressively as we receive them from councillors and designated persons.

Annual disclosures are due by the 30 September 2020. 

Disclosure of Interest Returns - Councillors 2019-2020

Mayor John Faker(PDF, 4MB)
Deputy Mayor Ernest Chan(PDF, 10MB)
Councillor Heather Crichton - Updated(PDF, 25MB)
Councillor Heather Crichton(PDF, 475KB)
Councillor George Mannah(PDF, 614KB)
Councillor Lesley Furneaux-Cook(PDF, 136KB)
Councillor Joseph Del Duca(PDF, 411KB)
Councillor Raj Dixit(PDF, 627KB)

Disclosure of Interest Returns - Designated Persons 2019-2020

General Manager(PDF, 556KB)
Acting Director City Strategy(PDF, 522KB)
Director City Assets(PDF, 659KB)
Director City Strategy(PDF, 135KB)
Director Community Life(PDF, 6MB)
Director Corporate Services(PDF, 112KB)
Director People and Performance(PDF, 115KB)
Acting Group Manager Information Technology(PDF, 656KB)
Acting Group Manager Strategic Planning, Heritage and Place Planning(PDF, 124KB)
Former Acting Group Manager Strategic Planning, Heritage and Place Planning(PDF, 110KB)
Area Building Surveyor(PDF, 110KB)
Chief Finance Officer(PDF, 106KB)
Consultant Governance Specialist(PDF, 2MB) 
Development Assessment Officer(PDF, 123KB)
Development Enquiry Officer(PDF, 112KB)
Executive Planner(PDF, 914KB)
Executive Strategic Planner - Heritage Advisor(PDF, 111KB)
Group Manager Assets and Infrastructure(PDF, 114KB)
Group Manager Building & Development(PDF, 110KB)
Group Manager Community, Library and Aquatic Services(PDF, 134KB)
Group Manager Compliance(PDF, 115KB)
Group Manager Corporate Planning & Communications(PDF, 650KB)
Group Manager Customer Service and Records(PDF, 5MB)
Group Manager Environment & Health(PDF, 4MB)
Group Manager Operations(PDF, 110KB)
Former Group Manager Property and Building Services(PDF, 647KB)
Group Manager Property and Building Services(PDF, 655KB)
Internal Ombudsman(PDF, 3MB) 
Procurement Officer(PDF, 551KB)
Property Management Coordinator(PDF, 124KB)
Senior Strategic Planner(PDF, 110KB)
Senior Town Planner(PDF, 109KB)
Senior Town Planner(PDF, 653KB)
Special Projects Officer(PDF, 109KB)
Strategic Planner(PDF, 510KB)


A record is kept of the Councillors who vote for and against all planning and tender matters. Council also keeps a record of planning and tender decisions where staff recommendations are overturned.

Declaration of Votes 2016 - Present(PDF, 397KB)
Declaration of Votes 2015 - 2016(PDF, 52KB)
Declaration of Votes 2014 - 2015(PDF, 140KB)

Variations to Development Standard Register

Under Clause 64 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, Council may assume the NSW Department of Planning's Director General's concurrence in respect of an application to vary a development standard under State Environmental Planning Policy No. 1 (SEPP 1/Clause 4.6), subject to maintaining a register and reporting these variations under SEPP 1/ Clause 4.6 to the Department of Planning.