Statutory Registers


Burwood Council contracts are listed below. There are three types of contracts listed in the register – Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

  • Class 1 Contracts are those over $150,000 via a tender process
  • Class 2 Contracts are those over $150,000 and where generally there has been a public tender process and subsequent substantial negotiation with the contractor.
  • Class 3 Contracts are those over $5 million dollars

Class 1 Contract = $150,000 or more - General Contracts(PDF, 347KB)(PDF, 53KB)

Class 1 Contract = $150,000 or more - SSROC Panel(PDF, 53KB)

SSROC panels used by Burwood Council June 2019(PDF, 114KB)

Class 3 Contract = Over $5 Million or Above(PDF, 154KB)






A record is kept of the Councillors who vote for and against all planning and tender matters. Council also keeps a record of planning and tender decisions where staff recommendations are overturned.

(PDF, 86KB)Declaration of Votes 2016 - Present(PDF, 91KB)
Declaration of Votes 2015 - 2016(PDF, 52KB)
Declaration of Votes 2014 - 2015(PDF, 140KB)

Recording of Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel declarations of pecuniary interest on Agenda items.

BLPP Declaration of Interest Register 2020 - Current Register(PDF, 68KB)

Recording of Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel Votes For and Against on each planning decision.

BLPP Register of Votes 2020 - Current(PDF, 59KB)