Food Safety and Health

If you are operating a food business within the Burwood area, you need to be registered with us or notify the NSW Food Authority.

Council conducts regular inspections of all food and health care premises across the area and provides a scoring system based on the results of the inspection. The program, known as Scores on Doors promotes how well restaurants, cafes and other eateries are complying with NSW hygiene and food safety requirements.

Food shops that do not comply with regulatory standards are listed on the NSW Food Authority's Name and Shame register.


In light of the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic, Council would like to take this opportunity to recognise the challenges faced by all food businesses at this time and assist those that are still able to remain open with some information on what you can do as a food business to protect yourself, your business, staff and your customers.

What Restrictions apply to my food business?

The NSW government website is the best resource to keep updated on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice and guidance in NSW. It is important to keep up to date as information is regularly changing. 

  • How can I protect my workers and customers against Covid-19?

    The NSW Food Authority provides specific information for food business including food safety aspects of COVID-19, measures you can take to protect your workers, how to deal with customers or staff that are ill and other workforce impacts. 

    Council encourages all of our food businesses to remember safe personal hygiene practices and at a minimum, food businesses must have:

  • HAND WASHING: A hand wash basin which is separate to all equipment and food wash sinks. The hand basin must have warm water, liquid soap and single use hand towels As an extra precaution, NSW Health also advises the use of a hand sanitiser at the hand basin, which can be applied after hand washing;
  • SANITISER: Food grade sanitiser or a suitable sanitising process which is used for food contact equipment, high use areas such as light switches, door handles and in customer service areas;
  • HEALTHY WORKERS: Procedures to deal with sick staff. Any sick worker must be excluded from the workplace by being sent home and advised not to come to work until well. 

Can I get translated information?

Various fact sheets about COVID-19 are available from the NSW Health's website which you may find useful to print out and use, many of these fact sheets have also been translated into various community languages.


If you have any questions in relation to the above mentioned information, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Team



Food businesses operating within the Burwood area need to be registered with Council or notified to the NSW Food Authority

Business Premises Registration Form 2023-2024

Temporary Food Event Notification 2023-2024



Where a Council or Public Authority has the control and management of the land to be used, then the consent in writing of the Council or Public Authority is required.

Legislative Information

NSW Food Authority's Guidelines for mobile food vending vehicles