Terms and Conditions

Burwood Council is the owner and operator of the Enfield Aquatic Centre and asks visitors to comply with our terms and conditions for the safety and comfort of all patrons.



  • Customers are required to follow all safety directions and requests from staff at all times and follow all sign- posted pool rules. 
  • To maintain an enjoyable family friendly environment, patrons will be respectful towards all staff and other patrons. 
  • All children aged 0-5 years and non-swimmers must have a parent or carer with them in the water at all times.
  • All children aged 6-10 years require active supervision at the centre by a parent or carer at all times.
  • All children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 years and over.
  • Only recognised swimwear is to be worn in the water.
  • Swim nappies must be worn around all water areas by children no toilet trained (available at reception).
  • Valid concession cards must be presented for concession rates.
  • Passes & memberships must be presented and scanned on entry at all times.
  • Membership cards are property of Burwood Council. A replacements card fee applies.
  • Customers are not permitted to bring glass objects, alcohol or illicit drugs into the centre.
  • Patrons suspect under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the Centre.
  • Inappropriate use of cameras and mobile phones is not permitted.
  • No pets or animals permitted in the Centre, with the exception of approved Guide/ Assistance Dogs.
  • Only Enfield Aquatic Centre staff or approved operators are permitted to conduct learn to swim lessons, private swimming lessons or coaching
  • Management reserves the right to change lane and space allocations in the Centre at any time.
  • Burwood Council accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.
  • All fees and payments are non-refundable. 
  • Customers enter the centre at their own risk. Customers release the centre from any and all injury that may be sustained whilst they (are) on site, and consent to receiving any medical treatment that centre staff may reasonably consider necessary or desirable in the event that they suffer an injury whilst at the centre


Management reserves the right to refuse entry. Non-compliance with the Conditions of Entry may result in removal from the centre and future entry may also be refused.


  • Enfield Aquatic Centre does not provide make-up lessons.
  • Credits will be applied to family accounts for pool closures by Burwood Council, for students who have scanned their Membership Card on entry. 
  • Credit may be requested for students who have missed three or more consecutive lessons due to major illness or injury, with provision of relevant doctors certificate and credit application form.
  • There are no refunds for classes not attended nor are fees transferable. The only variation is in exceptional circumstances such as, serious illness or misadventure, and only for block lessons. In such cases, written evidence will be required to support the application which must be approved by the Centre Manager. 
  • We ask that everyone is patient and respectful with staff and other customers at all times. 
  • Booking into the incorrect level will result in my booking being cancelled.
  • Learn to Swim and Squads instructors are subject to change and Enfield Aquatic Centre reserves the right to alter and consolidate class schedules where necessary. 
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times whilst participating in lessons. Children who are not fully toilet trained must wear an aqua nappy whilst in the water. 
  • Squad students 14 years and older attending squad lessons are permitted to attend without a responsible adult. 
  • Students 15 years and under who attend Learn to Swim lessons, require adult supervision at all times. Students who are left unattended during Learn to swim lessons will be removed from the water immediately. 
  • To avoid disruption and allow adequate learning timeframes prior to assessment periods, enrolment changes close in Week 5 of each term. 
  • All Passes and Memberships cannot be frozen, suspended or transferred.
  • All Passes and Memberships are non-transferable or refundable and are registered for individual use only.
  • All multi-visit passes are only valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
  • All membership passes are only valid for the specified period from the date of purchase.
  • Passes are the full responsibility of the customer.
  • Passes must be shown on entry at all times. 
  • There is a small replacement card fee to replace a lost pass.

Enfield Aquatic Centre reserves the right to cancel any membership and visit pass and request the return of the associated pass(es) at its discretion.

Do shower and wash thoroughly with soap before entering the pool.

Do ensure infants who are not toilet trained wear tight fitting swim nappies.

Do ensure infants use the toilet before using the pool and take them for regular toilet breaks.

Don't use the pool if you have had diarrhea in the last two weeks.

Don't drink, swallow or put water in your mouth as it may contain germs.

Don't change nappies beside the pool. Use the amenities and dispose nappies in the Nappy bins provided.