The map below shows the bicycle routes though the Burwood local Council area. These routes include dedicated bicycle lanes, shared paths for use by pedestrians and cyclists, and roads with mixed traffic lanes.


Places of interest in Burwood

  1. Wangal Park
  2. Henley Park
  3. Burwood Park
  4. Appian Way
  5. Strathfield Town Centre
  6. Burwood Town Centre
  7. Croydon Park Town Centre
  8. Croydon Town Centre

Benefits of cycling


Cycling is a fun way to catch up with friends and meet new people, as well as being a great form of exercise.

Save your money

Having a bicycle is great for you to gain fitness, have fun and transport to many places – all in one.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Cycling is great for the environment. It can reduce your carbon footprint, and create less air and noise pollution. 

What type of cycleways make up the road network?

Some bike routes may consist of more than one type of cycleway. The most common types of cycleways are shown here.

Bike-Lane.png Bike Lane

Dedicated lane for cyclists. If there is a signed and marked bike lane, cyclists must use this lane. Watch for pedestrians and always look for card doors opening.

Share-Path.png Share Path

Shared paths are used by pedestrians and cyclists. They are found on footpaths or within recreational areas.


Bike Contra Flow Lane

Bicycle contra flow lanes allow bike riders two way travel on roads that are marked one way for other vehicles.

Shoulder-Lane.png Shoulder Lane

The marked shoulder lanes provide space for cyclists to travel on roads beside parked vehicles


Mixed-Traffic-Lane.png Mixed Traffic Lane

Mixed traffic lanes can be found on quieter and narrow roads, or roads with an increasing number of cyclists. 

To reduce the risks of accidents

To reduce the risk of accidents all riders need to:

Be aware of the road conditions and be considerate to others.

Know the road rules. Road rules apply to all road users.

Remember the road is there to share.

Act with safety in mind, be courteous and responsible at all times. 

Tips when riding

Be seen – ride in prominent positions where other road users can see you. Do not weave in and out of traffic. When riding at night, wear reflective clothes or use reflective tape on your clothing, bags and equipment.

Communicate – Give hand signals when turning.

Make eye contact – Make eye contact with drivers of cars around you. Acknowledge with a wave and smile. This will guarantee that you have been seen.

Watch for car doors – Don’t rely on car drivers and passengers to see you. Be alert and ride with caution in the door-opening zones of cars.

Watch out for pedestrians – Slow down, use your bell and be ready to stop suddenly when riding near pedestrians. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way on shared paths.

Be careful in the wet – Take care when cycling in the rain as wet roads are much more slippery.

Safe speed – Be in control. Ride at a speed that will allow you to stop safely. Do you know it can take up to six (6) metres to stop at 15km/h.

Be responsible – Ride in your lane and when you are on a cycleway, keep to your left. Look for cars turning and pedestrians walking.

Ring your bell – On shared paths, always give way to people walking and ring your bell early to alert walkers of your presence. Bike riders are legally required to have a bell.

Wear a helmet – A helmet can provide vital protection if you fall off your bike and is required by law. It is essential that a helmet is comfortable and fitted correctly.