Loading Zones

Vehicles principally constructed for carrying goods can stop in a loading zone for up to 30 minutes to drop off or pick up items.

Any vehicle can stop briefly to pick up or drop off passengers.

Public buses can stop for up to 30 minutes to pick up or drop off passengers.

Loading Zones are located in the following locations:

  • 135A Burwood Road, Burwood
  • Clarendon Place, Burwood (southern end)
  • George Street, Burwood (side of 97 Burwood Road)
  • Victoria Street, Burwood (side of 2 Elise Street)
  • Webbs Lane (western side between Meryla Street and Milton Street)
  • Ford Lane, Burwood (western side)
  • Burleigh Street, Burwood (western side)
  • Pilchers Lane, Burwood (eastern side)
  • Sym Lane, Burwood (eastern side)
  • 2 Railway Parade, Burwood Council
  • Conder Street, Burwood (eastern side, south of Unity Place)
  • Byer Street car park, Enfield
  • Lyons Street, Strathfield (side of 38-40 The Boulevarde)
  • Bells Lane, Strathfield (side of 27 Morwick Street)
  • 39 Everton Road, Strathfield
  • 2 Everton Road, Strathfield
  • Cowdery Lane, Strathfield (side of 48 Mosely Street)