Book a Household Clean-Up

Each year, residents are provided:

  • One free household clean-up collection;  Each household is able to call Customer Service on 9911 9911, complete the online booking form on the website or through the Waste Info app to arrange one clean up during the year (excludes Public Holidays), please allow up to four weeks for availability.
  • One free scheduled clean-up;   Council sets the clean up date and residents will be advised via letterbox drop two weeks prior to their set clean up date.

Use the map below to find the date of the one free scheduled household clean-up for your area.


Book your Household Clean-up

Check the 2020 scheduled clean-up map to find out when your next scheduled collection is. You will receive a notice in the mail two weeks before the scheduled clean-up takes place.

Additional collections are available at a cost. Cost is determined based on the size of the collection.


To help ensure your household clean-up collection runs smoothly and to enable our drivers to remove your items safely, we ask that you:

  • put items on the kerb the day before the assigned collection day.
  • ensure you don't exceed the maximum volume of 1.5 cubic metres
  • stack items neatly and safely and put small items into bags or boxes.

Waste left on the street outside of your collection times (or on public land at any time) is deemed illegal dumping and may lead to a heavy fine.

If any clean-up items are deemed unsuitable they will be rejected.

Items unsuitable for collection will be left behind and a non-collection notice will be left in your mailbox.



Residential Charges

  • DWC $408