Planning Controls

Planning and development in the Burwood area is guided by a number of local planning instruments. 

 The below summarises the key development standards and controls that apply to popular types of residential development. This will inform which types of residential development can be accommodated in different zones.

Please note that this is a summary for guidance only and you are expected to consult the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan for the complete information that would apply. 

 Dwelling House

Permissible in all Residential zones, B1 and B2 zones

  • Maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) 0.55:1 (or 0.52:1 if the site area is over 500m2)
  • Maximum Height 8.5m (in the R2 zone)
  • Maximum Built Area 67%

Granny Flat 

Permissible in all Residential zones under the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP

  • Minimum Site Area 450m2
  • Maximum size of the granny flat 60m2
  • Site Frontage of at least 12m
  • On-site detention of stormwater typically required


Dual Occupancy

Permissible in all Residential zones

  • Minimum Site Area 600m2 for a detached dual occupancy
  • Minimum Site Area 500m2 for an attached dual occupancy
  • No subdivision is permitted
  • Maximum Built Area 67%
  • 1 parking space required for each dwelling
  • 50m2 of private open space required for each dwelling
  • On-site detention of stormwater typically required

Multi Dwelling Housing (i.e. townhouses and villas)

Permissible in the R1 and R3 zones

  • Minimum Site Frontage of 15m (if single storey) or 17m (if two storey)
  • Maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) 0.55:1 (in the R3 zone)
  • Maximum Height 8.5m (in the R3 zone)
  • 25m2 of private open space required for each dwelling
  • 25% of the site to be landscaped (15% being deep soil)


Residential Flat Building

Permissible in the R1 and B4 zones

  • Minimum Site Frontage 20m (in the R1 zone)
  • Minimum Site Area 500m2 (applies outside the Burwood Town Centre where the
  • development height exceeds 9m)



Permissible in all Residential and Business zones

  • Minimum Site Area 400m2 outside the Burwood and Strathfield Town Centres
  • Minimum Site Area 500m2 inside the Burwood and Strathfield Town Centres
  • Minimum Site Frontage 12m
  • At least 2.5m width for access handle to a battle-axe block
  • Not supported if a heritage item or a heritage conservation area


The text above provides a summary of development standards and development controls applicable to land in the Burwood area. This information is provided for guidance only. Council recommends that you review any relevant LEP, DCP or SEPP documents in their entirety prior to undertaking development. Any person using the above text must do so on the basis that not every scenario and issue can be addressed, and discussion with relevant staff at Council’s Customer Service Counter should be undertaken. The above text is subject to change without notice.

Fact Sheet - Control for Residential Development(PDF, 276KB)

The Burwood Local Environmental Plan (BLEP) 2012 is Council’s principle planning document in respect of all land within the municipality of Burwood. The BLEP outlines the land uses which are permissible and prohibited in the relevant zones; as well as sets out development standards (such as height of buildings and floor space ratios) and planning provisions.

The BLEP was notified, and came into force on 9 November 2012.

The BLEP consists of two main parts, being the written instrument, and a series of maps.

The BLEP can be viewed here on the Legislation NSW website


The Burwood Development Control Plan (BDCP) details the various standards, policies and guidelines related to construction and development for the Burwood local government area (LGA). It applies to all the land located in the Burwood LGA in accordance with the Burwood Local Environment Plan Land 2012 Application Map and must be taken into account in determining development applications.

Read the BDCP.(PDF, 8MB)



Section 7.12 (formerly Section 94A) Contributions apply within the Burwood Local Government Area. One plan applies to the Burwood Town Centre, while the other plan applies to the area outside the Burwood Town Centre.

The Section 7.12 Contributions Plans replace the Section 94A Contributions Plans which have previously applied.


The Burwood municipality has a rich and diverse heritage. Council seeks to protect the significance of Heritage Items and Heritage Conservation Areas such that these places continue to contribute to the character of the Burwood municipality.

Heritage Items and Heritage Conservation Areas are shown on the Heritage Map, which may be downloaded at the link below. The complete list of Heritage Items and Heritage Conservation Areas is contained in Schedule 5 of the Burwood Local Environmental Plan (BLEP) 2012.

A downloadable list of Heritage Conservation Areas is also provided at the link below.


The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as amended requires all councils of NSW to prepare a Community Participation Plan. This plan details how Council will undertake community participation when exercising planning functions, such as preparing a Local Environmental Plan or assessing a Development Application, under the Act.

The NSW Government has amended a number of Acts and issued Ministerial Orders to implement emergency measures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the changes is that councils will not be required to display physical copies of planning documents at council facilities. These are now to be made available online through the NSW Planning Portal. A notation has been made inside the Community Participation Plan to alert the public to this change as the changes were effective immediately.

Community Participation Plan(PDF, 15MB)