Public Art

Public artwork continues to be rolled out throughout Burwood to beautify the area, connect the local community and create a sense of place in which the community can be proud to live, work, play, study and engage in Burwood.

Burwood Council is seeking a Sydney based artist or collective to design and install a mural on the front façade of Burwood Bus Depot, facing Parramatta Road. Owned by Transport for New South Whales and operated by Transit Systems West, Council has partnered with both organisation to commission this exciting new public art opportunity.

Funded by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPE) through the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP), the program is a $198 million plan to simulate and transform the Parramatta Road Corridor (The Corridor).  Public art has a key role to play in this development and establishing a sense of place and community satisfaction in The Corridor. Create NSW has supported the delivery of public art throughout the Corridor through the development of an overarching PRUAIP Public Art Framework. This project directly draws from the framework and is supported by Create NSW. The project is also is supported through the Burwood Council Public Art Policy.

This is an exciting opportunity for an artist or collective to create a highly visible mural along one of Sydney’s most significant Corridors and shape one of the major gateways into the Burwood LGA

For full project details and application process please see detailed Project EOI Document(PDF, 2MB)

Project Budget: $18,000 (Excluding GST)

Project Timeline
Submissions Open: 6 March 2023

Site Visit: 10am 15 March 2023, Interested applicants can book in for a site visit by emailing 

Submissions Close: 5pm 31 March 2023

Successful artist/collective notified:28 April 2023

Community Consultation session: 6 May 2023 at Burwood Library and Hub

Initial design presented to Council: 12 May 2023

Artwork installation period: 12 June - 30 June 2023*

*Please note: The successful applicants will able to work on site from 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday only.



For any questions about the project please contact:

Dominique Roberts, Cultural Projects & Public Art Producer

Phone: 9911 9807 or 0466 475 610


The PRUAIP, funded by the NSW Government is a $198 million initiative to improve open space and active transport links along the Parramatta Road corridor. Burwood Council is one of six Councils including Strathfield, Inner West, Canada Bay, Parramatta and Cumberland delivering a total of 32 projects in and around Parramatta Road. This is part of the government’s commitment to revitalising precincts between the Inner west and Parramatta.

For more information on the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program click here.

As a part of this program Burwood Council has delivered a series of cycle paths which link key recreational sites from Canada Bay to Burwood through Parramatta Road. These cycle paths will also improve connection between Burwood’s local parks and facilities.

Public art also has a key role to play in supporting the growth of The Corridor and establishing a sense of place for the community. Through PRUAIP and with the support of Create NSW, Burwood Council has received funding for a series of six public art commissions. The program of works is guided by the PRUAIP Public Art Framework developed by Create NSW and the Burwood Council Public Art Policy.

These projects will be rolled out over the next two years, with all works completed by June 2023. Project updates and opportunities for NSW artists to apply for commissions will be made available through the Burwood Council website. 


Burwood Park Mural

Artist: Sharon Billinge

As the first project for PRUAIP, Burwood Council commissioned Inner West Artist Sharon Billinge to create a mural on an existing retaining wall inside Burwood Park. Inspired by the Burwood Park Nature play, Sensory Garden and Pond Upgrades planned for Burwood Park, the artwork features portraits of two local sisters surrounded by natural imagery.


Sharon Installed #1.jpg

Sharon Installed #2.jpg


Wangal Park Public Art Project

Life Cycle
Artists: Maddison Gibbs and Jason Wing 

Burwood Council commissioned Barkindji artist Maddison Gibbs and Biripi artist Jason Wing, known collectively as MadWings, to co-create a series of public artworks throughout Wangal park. Inspired by the cyclical pathway inside the park, Gibbs and Wing's artwork references the six Aboriginal seasons through changing images of native flora and fauna. Life Cycle will be designs to take park users on a journey through time as they watch the season change throughout the park.

Works completed include:

  • Artworks for two new gateway signs
  • A series of painted floor murals throughout the park pathways
  • Vinyl wrapped artworks for the 11 light poles which line the central park pathway
  • Painted murals on the skatepark equipment

Wangal park signage.jpg

Install 7.jpg

To create further opportunities for public art in the Burwood area, Council's Hoarding Policy strongly encourages the display of artwork, graphics and images on temporary structures. In certain circumstances this is mandatory. 

The display of artwork and graphics minimises adverse impacts, adds visual interest and increases the presence of creativity in the streetscape. Artwork and graphics also discourage graffiti and bill poster attachment by eliminating blank surfaces.

Council has commissioned five contemporary artworks, which hoarding applicants can use free of charge to display on their hoardings, once their application has been approved. Below are sample images of the artworks currently available, to enquire further about the program please contact Burwood Council on 9911 9911.

Artist: Kim Siew
Meet You There

Meet You There is a playful celebration of community, identity, culture and connection. 



Artist: Gina Kiel 
Burwood Magic

A variety of Burwood themes and icons surrounding a colourful spirit character representing the many cultures that come together to make the area a vibrant multicultural town. This piece features treasured symbols of the area such as the Memorial Arch in Burwood Park, palm trees which line the parks and streets and a noodle bowl to represent the Burwood food culture we all love.



Artist: Dave Homer
Green Space 

This piece celebrates the unique green spaces that can be found within the local area, and the important role they play in enabling social connections and nurturing community well-being.



Artist: Squid Morgan
Park Life 

Touch grass and sit in the sun! This artwork is a celebration of Burwood Park, Burwood life and all of Sydney's green spaces.



Artist: Georgia Draws A House
Our Burwood 

Imagine Our Burwood, what do you think of? The houses along Appian Way, or our wonderful library? Perhaps you think of times past, the old Savoy or Croydon Park Theatre? Maybe you hear the sounds of kids running around Enfield Pool, or basketballs dribbling in the park or trains screeching across the platforms? It could be scents for you – maybe you smell the glorious foods steaming in Chinatown or the fresh wet smell of Flower Power. 

This artwork is a true neighbourhood collaboration. It's filled with Burwood's icons – suggestions from locals were sent to Georgia and she drew them, all of them. This detailed artwork was created by the Burwood community and hand drawn with love by Georgia Draws A House.



Terms and Conditions

Prior to Artwork files being provided, hoarding applicants must sign a letter of agreement which outlines in detail the terms and conditions of use. These include:

  • The above artworks can only be used on the hoarding for the development at the location specified in the hoarding application and cannot be used for any other purposes, including promotional materials.

  • The artwork also cannot be altered, except for cropping or expanding where needed

  • The artworks also cannot be sold, reproduced or given to a third party unless required for installation of the artwork on the hoarding. 

  • The applicant is not the owner of the artwork and they do not acquire any intellectual property rights in the artwork

  • Once the hoarding is removed the artwork must be destroyed and must not be sold or given to a third party

  • The applicant is responsible for ensuring that any third parties that you pass the digital artwork file to enable installation of the artwork on the hoarding, e.g. printing companies, abide by the terms and conditions

  • Prior to installation, the applicant must provide Burwood Council with a proof overlay of the artwork on elevation drawings of the hoarding and this will be subject to Council’s written approval prior to installation

  • The artwork must be installed within two weeks of the hoarding installation

Hoarding applicants can also commission their own artworks, however prior to commissioning applicants must contact Council to discuss their proposal. 

Historical Hoarding Artworks

Council also has available a series of free historical hoarding templates for approved hoarding applicant use on selected sites.




Thank You Burwood 2021

As a part of a NSW State Government COVID-19 recovery support grant Council commissioned Inner West artist Nadia Hernandez, to design two banners to explore messages of resilience and gratitude for the Burwood Community. These designs will also be rolled out onto vinyl banners throughout Burwood Parks and on Council's social media platforms. 

Artist Statement:

Together We're Strong: features hands, foliage, seeds, and sunshine. A transition into spring, warmer weather, and the hope that will come from the end of lockdown, high vaccination rates, and summer.

Thank You Burwood: features homes, foliage, and eyes. An ode to people's effort to stay at home during the past three months, there's liveliness in the environment and overall optimism in the artwork, with eyes peeking out of houses and merging with nature. 





Burwood Throughout Time: Harmony Day and Heritage Week 2021

Three different artists where commissioned by Burwood Council to develop artworks surrounding the theme Burwood Throughout Time. Asked to reference both Harmony Day and Heritage under this theme, each artist created a work specific to the changing demographics, vision and face of Burwood. This project was supported and guided by Burwood Council's Multicultural Advisory Committee.   

March Flags - Burwood Throughout Time Group Shot .jpg

Flag 1 

Artist: Noni Cragg
Cragg is an Inner West based artist who is of Irish, Scottish, Bundjalung and Biripai Heritage. 

Artist Statement: 
The design recognises and celebrates First Nations ownership and custodianship of the Burwood Local Government area. Wangal Lands and waters extend from Goat Island around Balmain stretching inland along the Southern shoreline of the Parramatta River, known as Burramattagal in Dharug which means Place of the eels, almost right through to present day City of Parramatta. Located near to present day Parramatta road and River, this design depicts the relationship the Wangal People have with the river system. The water motif, represents the Parramatta River which offers food sources such as yams and eels. Yams can be identified by their beautiful yellow flowers; the Murnong Daisy. These flank the large motif used to depict the river. Wangal people farmed yams by careful and purposeful planting along the river. Eels, another source of food provided by the river is shown in the design on top of the river motif. 

March Flags - Noni.PNG


Flag 2 
Artist: Alicia McFadzean 
Originally from Australia now living and working in South Africa, McFadzean specialises in illustration, murals, hand lettering and design. 

Artist Statement:
This artwork reflects upon the heritage items still found in Burwood today, with visual motifs representing the Burwood train station; opened in 1855 as one of the original stops between Sydney City and Parramatta and the historic Burwood post office clock tower, build in 1892. The stylisation of Burwood Throughout Time harks back to old school hand painted sign writing and advertising commonly seen around the Burwood railway.  

 Mach Flags - Aleica.PNG

Flag 3
Artist: Christina Huynh

Artist Statement:
This year's 2021 Harmony day banners include a gathering of favourite past time trinkets in a stone embellished candle, symbols of good luck and prosperity in the paper crane and lotus and lastly, iconic and most loved cuisines. These elements weaved together to celebrate a gathering of a rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures and the appreciation of everyday residents of Burwood today.

March Flags - Christina.PNG




Burwood Art Prize Entrant's Artworks on Flags 2021 

Eight artists were selected from the 2020 Burwood Art Prize entrants to participate in the 2021 Public Art Program through having their art prize entries displayed on Burwood Flags from January - March 2021. For the full artworks please see the 2020 Burwood Art Prize Catalogue


Artist: Tahlia Henderson 
Bewitched by the Bush babies
Original artwork Watercolour and ink on 300gsm paper, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement: 
The local bushland has become our natural playground recently. My 2 toddlers and I can spend hours walking through the rugged pathways of a bush track; often admiring the blooming wattle, the scribble gums and the laughing kookaburras. I find that it is increasingly informing my art practice and has been a welcome outing during the strange socially distanced year we are all caught in. In this particular work, I wanted to convey a magical striking beauty often missed when spotting a ‘common bush turkey’ digging in the scrub.



Artist: Alex Hambert
Minorities Lives Matter-From Western China to Western Sydney
Original artwork Acrylic on canvas, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement:
Life in Burwood of a Uygur woman. The rust coloured background represent Xinjiang desert as well as the brick buildings in Burwood.



Content Warning: The artist statement for the bottom artwork refers to suicide.
For 24/7 Crisis Support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14  

Artist: Debbie Achurch
Construction zone
Original artwork Acrylic on canvas, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement:
Having lived in Croydon and Ashfield I have seen huge changes to housing density and the appearance of the local area over many years. The construction of high rise is ongoing and in this work I have focussed on the interacting shapes and lines of modern construction.


Artist: Natalie Uhrik
Her Heart Skipped
Original Artwork Acrylic, markers, Chinagraph on canvas, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement:
Her Heart Skipped’ is a flirtatious and playful exploration of texture, opacity, light and form.


Artist: Helen Bronte Boyd
A Little Bird Told Me
Original Artwork Acrylic paint on canvas, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement:
I’m a first generation Australian on my maternal side of my family, my Mum immigrated as a child after WW11 from Manchester, United Kingdom to working class parents. They bravely moved across to Australia by boat with hopes and dreams for a better life for both themselves and their offspring. Grandma lived in the Boronia Street house for over thirty years, it’s where the family always gathered. Despite being orphaned at 4 years old and never adopted, she had a strong maternal side, she raised four children of her own plus two step children. Grandma showed her love with copious pots of tea, tuna ‘butties’ and an open door for any of us that needed it. That time came for my Mother and I as a small baby when my biological father suicided due to the strains of mental health challenges. Boronia St was our sanctuary during that difficult time and my earliest memories stem from there. Grandma was widowed young and worked hard until 73 years when she was given forced retirement, at Grace Bros on Broadway realised her age. Until that time she trod a well worn path early weekdays to and fro from Broadway on the trains and took an early breakfast at the station cafe for company and ciggy. I remember Grandma May fondly. The ‘little bird’ is a swallow, which symbolise family love and safety. I liken the swallow perched on my shoulder in this self portrait as protective omen reminding me when needed that I am both loved and resilient, received by me through my Grandma in Boronia Street. The copper background of the painting is an acknowledgment of the Wangal Clan, one of the 29 tribes of the Eora Nation and traditional custodians of this land. Stripes on my shirt represent different journeys travelled by my ancestors an my self. The white between these and below show the paths not travelled yet, literally a blank canvas



Artist: Lisa Ellen Hughes

Hustle and Bustle
Original artwork Acrylic Paint, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement:
Hustle and Bustle investigates various constraints of people existing in a busy ecological habitats and the social behaviors of making a mark of their existence via graffiti tagging. The animation on a QR code that accompanies the painting depicts the busy lifestyle and daily routines of people on autopilot traveling to work and attending to lifestyle needs.


Artist: Nanditha Mahadevan 
Āhāra- 120
Original artwork Acrylic, gloss and matte mediums, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement:
While Āhāra means ‘food’ in Sanskrit, it can also refer to ‘diet’ i.e. what is consumed consistently with the influence of culture, habits and values. This work is about the cycle of giving sustenance to both the patrons and the staff and celebrates that Abhi’s Indian (a local Canada Bay restaurant) has been able to do this for over 30 years i.e. 120 seasons. 


Artist: Jennifer Olscher
Original Artwork, Acrylic paint and white ink on wooden panel, photographed and printed onto flags

Artist Statement: 
A whimsical glimpse of life during very strange and unprecedented times.



Burwood Christmas Flags 2020 

Artist: Kim Siew
Digital artworks printed onto flags
November 2020 - January 2021

Freelance Sydney based artist Kim Siew was invited by Burwood Council to develop two Inclusive designs for the end of year festive season. The flags make reference in several languages to the different ways in which the Burwood Community celebrates the end of the year and festive seasons. As well as promoting community spirit, peace and joy over the holiday period. 

christmas street flags.jpgstreet flag.jpg


As a part of the Enfield Village Revitalisation Project Council has commissioned three artists for the Enfield Murals Project.

One of the key components to the revitalisation project is the delivery of three large scale public art murals. All three mural locations occupy their own unique space but are located within close proximity to each other. To deliver this project Council has teamed up with local property owners to install the murals onto their public facing walls.

Location 1: 343-347 Liverpool Rd
Artist: George Rose

Not wanting to be too prescriptive with her symbolism whilst still representing Enfield, George has created a series of abstract works that invite the community to explore the shapes and bring their own meaning to the textures.

This process is called ‘Pareidolia’, which describes the human tendency to seek patterns in random information, such as seeing shapes in clouds. For George these shapes are intended to function as representations of ideas. Symbols used include the archway which represents an entrance, circles to represent working together completing a cycle and arrows for progress. Also used are textures indicative of the earth and the country on which Enfield is build and a rainbow of colours to represent the different communities within Enfield. The colours appear throughout the mural as a gradient, each colour seamlessly complimenting the next just as each community in Burwood brings something special and unique to the area. These ideas collaborating within the mural are intended to act as a happy welcoming party to the area.

Site 1_photo 1.jpg

Site 1_photo 4.jpg



Location 2: 6-8 Coronation Parade
Artist: Thomas Jackson

‘Pretty things which go together’ is a concept that both plays with the themes of the history of the Enfield area and a theme that is close to my heart, the conservation and protection of our under threat local wildlife. I have shown this with a two sided story, one the local historical imagery of the Tomkins nursery and the second highlighting a local at risk bird species, the glossy black cockatoo.

The historical aspect of this artwork is represented by the Tomkins Nursery which is now the Enfield Flower Power. After visiting the Enfield Flower Power site I took note and imagery of the old signage ( that is still on display today) and looked at the area that was once the avery filled with red canaries. The red canary wouldn’t be my first choice of species to paint as its not an indigenous species but their bright colours and playful poses lend you to believe that these birds feel right at home in and amongst our native flowering eucalypt’s. Eucalypt’s are an important tree for our local animals as they provide important habitats for nesting, feeding and breeding. You could just see these bright playful birds at home within our native bushlands.

The conservation aspect of this artwork is the male and female pair of Glossy Black Cockatoo’s , (Calyptorhynchus lathami) at home, munching away on their favourite food source, the she-oak (Casuarina and Allocasuarina). These birds are very picky eaters feeding only on the seeds in cones of she-oaks and only on selected individual trees. They are one of the friendliest birds and are not easily disturbed when feeding. They will sit quietly and the only noise you will hear is the soft sound of cracking cones, people often do not even realise they are there.

Why the Glossy Black Cockatoo? Glossies are in such low numbers and are at such risk due to food and habitat destruction that to see one is the highlight of any bird or wildlife enthusiast within NSW and Australia’s southern states. Within this artwork I wish to ‘bring some back’ to the Burwood area and educate the viewer on these significant natives and what they can do to help repopulate their numbers. Plant more She-oaks, Leave that dead gum tree as a habitat home, keep your cat indoors and most importantly, be proactive about habitat conservation so we insure that these birds live on for the next generation.

BC CLT-2.jpg

BC CLT reducued .jpg



Location 3: 312 Liverpool Road, facing into Byer Street.
Artists: Georgia Draws A House, in collaboration with Sharon Billinge & Love Is A Sign

Drawing upon her family's history of running the famous Bondi Milk Bar, Georgia has taken inspiration from the Enfield Savoy Cinema and reimagined this colourful building Façade. The 9 posters along the bottom of the mural will be hero images inspired by real signage from her Nono’s milkbar days.

Byer Street Installed.jpg

BC BSM-12.jpg

As part of Council's vision to reimagine our streets as places for people, Council has undertaken works to transform Deane Street into a vibrant, open space for outdoor dining and entertainment. As well as a range of civil upgrades, the project also includes two new public art commissions.

Artist: Nadia Odlum 
Columns des Burwood
Floor Mural

This artwork draws inspiration from renowned French contemporary artist Daniel Buren’s Le Deux Plateux (1986). Colloquially referred to as ‘Columns des Buren’, the work consists of 260 marble columns laid out in a perfect grid at different heights, which encourages physical interaction between artwork and audience. Nadia Odlum’s work Columns des Burwood is a playful homage to Buren’s famous work. Abstracted and adapted into the two-dimensional plane, this new site-specific temporary artwork echoes Buren’s ideas around spatial awareness and perception, but with new joyous energy that reflects the vibrancy of Burwood. This work invites you to play, move, and navigate your way through the Deane Street Activation.






Artists: Lotte Alexis Smith, Sharon Billinge
A day in Burwood 
Wall Mural

The mural was inspired by workshops with members of the community describing what they loved about Burwood.

Starting at one end of Burwood Road this mural begins by reflecting people starting their morning in Burwood park engaging in activities such as Tai Chi. As the mural continues it reflects the journey people take up and down the bustling main street as they head to work, the shops or local facilities. As the mural comes to an end so does our story of a day in Burwood with friends coming together to explore Burwood’s iconic food destinations.



This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment Streets as Shared Spaces Round 2 Program. 

The NSW Government Logo in navy and red

In 2022 Council Commissioned  Inner West Artist Pilar Basa to design a new Logo and artwork for Mobile Playvan!

Reflecting Council's ongoing support of Burwood children and families through our commitment to being a Child Safe organization, Council's Mobile Playvan received a much needed makeover with an artwork that was co-designed by children and families who regularly attend the Mobile Playvan Service



Council has marked International Women’s Day 2022 with a fitting tribute to local women by unveiling a unique public art initiative. Sydney-based artist Suzanne Dias was commissioned to create portraits of six dynamic women to tell stories of their achievements through the ages. Their portraits sit proudly in the Library and Community Hub in the Youth Zone for the next two months.


BurwoodCouncil_1080x1080(5) ROSEMARY .jpg

Rosemary King
Volunteering with St Paul’s Anglican Church in Burwood for over 9 years as a Lay Minister, Rosemary King is passionate about giving back to her community. In her role Rosemary helps coordinate the Parish Pantry service which provides food, hygiene products and other perishable and non-perishable goods to anyone who needs assistance. This service provides much needed goods and supplies to hundreds of Burwood residents each week. Rosemary is also a strong advocate for affordable housing and in 2021 was awarded a Community Service Award by the NSW State Government. 


 BurwoodCouncil_1080x1080(2) SARAH NELSON.jpg

Sarah Nelson
Coming to Australia in 1791, Sarah Nelson was a wife, mother and farmer. As the earliest known European to live in Burwood, Sarah came to Australia after her husband was sentenced to seven years’ servitude at Botany Bay. Sarah was only one of six convict wives who arrived in Australia. Receiving a land grant in 1794, Sarah established a farm located in present day Croydon, which she lived and work on until her passing.  



Dr Faryal Zehra MBBS, MRCS, FCPS (I), PhD (Surgery)
Burwood’s Citizen of the Year 2022, Dr Faryal Zehra is a clinician and researcher by profession. Dr Zehra is also CEO and founder of the not for profit organisation Little Helpers on the Run. Through her work she noticed that there was a distinct intergenerational gap and issues with mental wellbeing in the community. Her vision for the organisation was one where children from all cultural backgrounds work together to bring positivity to their local communities. Little Helpers on the Run has delivered over 5000 kindness projects, including supporting residents at over 120 nursing homes, 19 schools and providing cards from children to community service providers such as Police, health care workers, teachers and fire and rescue workers. 



Noni Cragg
Living in Burwood as a child, Noni Cragg is an artist, activist, writer and model based in Sydney’s Inner West. A proud Bundjalung and Biripai Woman with Irish and Scottish ancestry, her practice is inspired by culture, colour and people. Noni has completed numerous large scale public art projects, including the much loved Storylines mural that was completed in 2020 in Unity Place as a collaboration with David Cragg and Karla Hayes. In 2015, Noni also co-founded a not for profit charity called The Rough Period which aims to provide equal access to menstrual products for girls and women sleeping rough, at risk or experiencing poverty. 



Lesley Furneaux-Cook
Lesley Furneaux-Cook was the first female Mayor of Burwood over the course of its 148 year history. Lesley is also the longest serving female Councillor with 17 years’ commitment to the local area and its residents. Appointed as Mayor in 2008, while being a sole parent, Lesley’s drive to better the Burwood Local Government Area is a testament to her sense of community service. As well as her years on Council, in 2016 Lesley was appointed by the NSW Governor to the Local Government Boundaries Commission and has sat on a number of State wide boards including Local Government NSW, the NSW Public Libraries Consultative Committee and the NSW Geographical Names Board.

While opportunities to become involved in politics have improved for women since Lesley started as a Councillor, it is her belief that there are still many barriers to full participation and despite willingness and ability, women often don’t have the social infrastructure to thrive.



Maria Sanders
Born in 1856, Maria Sanders was the Deputy Matron at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown. In 1902, Maria established and operated her own hospital in Burwood. Daughter and sister to two different Burwood Mayors, in 1911 Maria made a generous land donation to Burwood Council for a children’s playground at the corner of Oxford and Norwood Streets, Burwood. Thanks to Maria’s donation the park is still in use today by the Burwood community and now known as Sanders Reserve.

Artist: Karri McPherson

As a part of a series of upgrades to Henley Park Amenities Building, Council commissioned artist Karri McPherson to create a series of abstract geometric murals on the five walls adjacent to each of the five changing rooms.

Artist Statement: Geometric shapes can seem entirely abstract, but they are abundantly present within our everyday lives, and particularly within the plants and landscapes that encompass our environments.



KArri Wall DONEqed.jpg

In December 2021 Council received funding from The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment through the Festival of Open Streets program to partner with local businesses to close off vehicle access to the Clarendon Place laneway for a series of night time activations to create a vibrant pedestrian only space filled with cultural activations and outdoor dining options.

As a part of this grant funding and in support of the Burwood Bounce Back program, Council has commissioned Sydney Inner West Artists Nico Nicoson and Kim Siew to develop a series of floor artworks which will be installed throughout Clarendon Pace and Emerald Square.

Briefed on locations, Nico and Kim's artworks reflect the diverse Asian cultures found throughout the Burwood CBD through fun colourful designs that will guide visitors through the space and ignite a sense of play and curiosity.

Artworks will be installed in the following locations:

  • A painted floor mural on the roadway of Clarendon Place


floor fish.PNG

  • Floor decals installed throughout the footpaths in Clarendon Place and Emerald Square

Selection of decal artworks for Clarendon Place and Emerald Square pathways: 
Decal Symbols - Clarendon place.PNG

  • An floor artwork treatment affixed to the staircase in Emerald Square from Wynne Avenue

Installed artwork: 

Wynne Avenue Staircase Installed (2).jpg



Proudly Funded by the NSW Government


Artists: Sophi Odling, Christina Huynh

Burwood Council, working together with Burwood Chinatown, commissioned artists Christina Huynh and Sophi Odling to create a public art mural and lighting installation for Clarendon Place Burwood.



 Artist Statement: 

The Last Lion

The race is on. Who can save the last lion? Children worldwide are beginning to forget, joy fades along with the magic and wonder of the last lion. The last known and spotting majestic beast was seen in Burwood Chinatown Precinct after dark in 2021. 

Two children made accounts of witnessing a lion beast glowing, shimmering, and playfully dancing on the corner of Railway Parade and Clarendon Place in Burwood. Curiosity captured them as they took to the creature. Upon sighting the beast, it floated in an instance, beautiful and powerful, and before they could grasp it with all their might and sight – it vanished, never to found again. 

Various accounts have emerged, including during a moon festival, a local chef claimed sightings of a similar glowing figure rustling through and helping itself to his pantry! Many accounts have reported a glowing figure wandering in mischief through the laneways of the Burwood Chinatown Precinct and Chinatown precincts worldwide. Still, none to this day have yet to grasp its magnificence since 2021. 

Reflecting the innocents of childhood, the mystery of Burwood After Dark and the vibrant Asian cultures in the Burwood Community this artwork welcomes people to the Burwood Chinatown area.

Artist: Pink Cactus

Installed in the Everton Road Pocket Park and inspired by native flora to the Burwood area, Pink Cactus have created three screens which feature shapes and designs laser cut into Corten Steel from the following plants native to Burwood:

  • Grey Ironbark Tree Flower
  • Sydney Blue Gum Tree Leaf
  • Native Violet Plant
The Pocket Park is a welcome addition for residents and nearby commuters of Strathfield Station as a refurbished urban space for relaxation and gathering. 

Everton Install (2) (3).jpg

 Artist: Michael Black
Animated Humanity  

Funded through the Community Sports Infrastructure Grant from Sports Australia, Council commissioned a wayfinding public art mural on the walls surrounding the Dog Park and next to the Burwood Challenger Obstacle Course in Grant Park.

The artwork provides direction to local facilities and attractions including: 

  • Burwood Challenger Obstacle Course
  • The Dog Park
  • Enfield Aquatic Centre
  • Multipurpose Basketball and Netball Courts


Ann Street Mural #1.jpg


Ann Street Mural #3.jpg

Ann Street mural #2.jpg

Hornsey Lane Murals Project

In June 2020 Burwood Council commissioned five Sydney based artists to develop three large scale murals in Hornsey Lane, responding to the themes of Past, Present, Future. 

The project was apart of the Burwood Cares Program. The Burwood Cares Program aims to support the health, wellbeing and resilience of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the banner of Burwood Cares the Hornsey Lane Mural project provided opportunities for recognition and income in order to stimulate the Sydney arts sector. 

All three artworks were completed in August 2020 and Unveiled by Burwood Mayor Cr John Faker. 

Artists: Karla Hayes, David Cragg, Noni Cragg
Storylines (featuring Kirli Saunders)



Responding to the theme of ‘Past,’ Storylines centres on First Nations custodianship of Burwood. The mural embodies present and future connections to Country by referencing the work of celebrated writer, artist and educator and proud Gunai woman Kirli Saunders who is NSW Aboriginal Woman Of The Year 2020. Storylines features Kirli overlooking a pre-colonial depiction of Parramatta River, foregrounding her cultural, familial and professional connections to storytelling by nestling her amongst her totems; Hoya Flowers, Waratah and the Black Cockatoo.

The Lyrebird, known for its ability to mimic the calls of other birds, references both Burwood’s diverse community and Kirli’s writing practice.  Silhouetted faces frame the composition, embodying a dynamic landscape which breathes its own stories.


Artist: Georgia Hill

with you


Responding to the theme of ‘Present’, WITH YOU focuses on the coming together and resilience of the Burwood Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The simple phrase ‘With You’ generates a sense of assistance, optimism and community spirit through a contemporary design. The use of the concentric circles behind the text is suggestive of fluid movement and a sense of growing and overlapping. This further symbolises the growth and strength of our community during a turbulent time.  


Artist: Fintan Magee

  Future mural.jpg

Responding to the theme of ‘Future’, Levitate was created through community consultation with Burwood children and families. As a part of the consultation process the children were asked what were their hopes and dreams for the future, with one girl replying that she wanted to live in a levitating house. Noting that the future belongs to children, this mural reflects upon a childhood sense of imagination, creating a feeling of optimism for the future. 


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Artist: Sid Tapia

Originally built in 1871 by the Penfold family, the Woodstock Community Centre site has a rich and detailed history. One of the most colourful stories linked to the Centre is the one of Sissy the elephant. In 1933 Sissy the elephant escaped a local circus to romp through the Burwood community. Woodstock was owned at the time by the Keep Sisters and historical articles document the sisters shooing off the escaped Sissy from their backyard in the early hours of the morning. The image of an elephant today has varied meanings in many different cultures. Overall they symbolise strength, wisdom and good fortune.



Artist Interview

Artist: Brode Compton

The Community Centre provides opportunities to hold meetings/events and the pavilion showcases the newly developed nature-themed artwork that wraps around the lower stage. The stage often features local performing artists through community cultural festivals and calendar events. 

 Burwood Park Mural

Burwood Park Mural Pavilion

Artist: Mike Watt

These brightly designed street bollards not only look great but provide a dual purpose for drivers and pedestrians. The high visible colour scheme provides an added element of safety to the bollards that act as barriers for vehicles to deter them driving over the kerb. These pillars of safety are fun street art that the community loves!

Cnr Wentworth and Everton Rds

Artists: Mike Watt, Gina Deams and Tom Deams 

Chess In The Park 

This artwork depicts the diversity of the Burwood community with different generations and cultures coming together over a Sunday game of Chess.

Railway Pde Mural .jpg

Artist: Inge King, AM

Unveiled in 1988 by His Excellency The Governor of NSW, Air Marshal Sir James Rowland A.C., K.B.E., D.F.C, A.F.C, Awakening was awarded the Royal Blind Society Sculpture Award.

Born in Germany in 1915 King moved to Melbourne Australia in 1951. While living in Melbourne, King established one of Australia’s prominent Sculpture groups The Centre Five. Drawing from her interest in Abstract Expressionism King moved into using steel and aluminium in her practice. Over King’s 40 year career she moved towards creating iconic large scale pieces of public art, these notable commissions include: Forward Surge (1974) at the Victorian Art Centre, Sentinel (2000) on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway and Rings of Saturn (2006) at the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne. 

 Awakening Inge King