Permit Parking Scheme

Council's Permit Parking Scheme (PPS) includes a number of PPS zones to help manage the excess demand for on-street parking. The PPS zones have time limits for parking in residential streets, with a permit scheme to exempt residents who reside in these streets from these limits and their visitors. The PPS has been designed to minimise all-day parking in residential streets by people other than residents of those streets or their visitors.

Parking in PPS zones are restricted to either one-hour, two-hour or four-hour periods between Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 8am – 1pm. Infringement notices are issued to unauthorised vehicles which exceed the signposted time limits. 

Resident Parking Scheme Areas

Map of where you can park with your designated permit(PDF, 8MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Council introduce a Permit Parking Scheme to a street?

There has been a growing demand for parking in town centres and near public transport which causes parking issues in surrounding residential streets as motorists look for alternative locations to park their vehicles. A Permit Parking Scheme zone creates time restricted parking limits in residential streets but exempts residents and their visitors from these time limits through the provision of parking permits. The Scheme helps address parking problems by minimising all-day parking in residential streets by people other than residents and their visitors.

What parking controls apply in a Permit Parking Scheme zone?

Council has introduced one-hour, two-hour or four-hour parking time limits within the RPS zones, with time restrictions applying between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturday. At this stage, time restrictions do not apply on Sunday or public holidays. The zones are patrolled by Council’s Community Safety Officers and Parking Officers and infringement notices are issued to those vehicles that exceed the signposted time limit and have no valid permit associated with its registration.

Where does the Permit Parking Scheme apply?

Maps indicating the zones can be viewed above.

Permit Parking Scheme Policy

The Permit Parking Scheme Policy aims to provide the Burwood municipality with a strategically planned and coordinated approach to residential parking areas. This Policy reflects the Transport for NSW guidelines that outline the areas in Burwood which can be zoned as residential parking areas.

The Policy can be viewed here.

How can I find out more about the Permit Parking Scheme?

Apply for ePermits on our ePermits page.

Enquiries may be directed to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9911 9911 between 8:30am and 4:45pm, Monday to Friday.