Development Applications

Welcome to the Development Application section of the website. We have supplied a number of documents and links in this section for your convenience.

From 1 January 2020, anyone lodging a development application in the Burwood Council area must do so online via the NSW Planning Portal.

The new streamlined process allows users to lodge anytime, removes paperwork and does not require visiting Council. 

Applications on paper will not be accepted

You may use the Development Application Tracker HERE to view applications submitted and determined, applications on exhibition, and undermined applications.  

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Note: Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts

In lodging a development application or making a submission, you may be required by law to declare political donations or gifts (including service rendered). Failure to do so risks substantial fines.

The relevant declaration form may be obtained from Council. 

Development Applications Approved - 29 April 2020 to 12 May 2020


 DA No.   Property  Description  Date of Determination
 2017/32 14 Railway Parade BURWOOD  Demolish all existing structures and construct a 21 storey mixed use development, consist of a ground level retail tenancy and gym, commercial tenancies on Levels 1, 2 and 3, two levels of serviced apartments and with 15 storeys of residential accommodation, over four levels of basement car parking.  05/05/2020
 2018/122 106 Wentworth Road BURWOOD  Demolition of all existing structures on site and the construction of a 5 storey residential flat building containing 19 apartments with 2 levels of basement car parking for 28 vehicles and associated site landscaping.   05/05/2020
2018/146  31 Wyatt Avenue BURWOOD  Section 4.55 Application to modify Development Consent No. 2018/146 by amending the floor layout of townhouses, fence to Townhouse 1, minor modifications to external façade, and addition of fire stairs to basement level to comply with BCA.

155 Burwood Road CROYDON PARK
Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling to convert to a boarding house containing 7 rooms, 3 off street parking spaces and associated site landscaping.
176 Wentworth Road BURWOOD Alterations and additions to the existing garage; Change of use of part of the existing garage to be used as an entertainment area.  06/05/2020
10 Fitzroy Street CROYDON Construction of a new in-ground swimming pool.  07/05/2020
206 Wentworth Road BURWOOD 
Construction of a new in-ground swimming pool.  11/05/2020



Development Applications Received - 
29 April 2020 to 13 May 2020


 DA No.

 Property  Description


27 Grantham Street BURWOOD Construction of a 3 storey residential aged care facility on the subject site.
DA.2020.46 29 Mosely Street Strathfield Alterations and first floor addition to the existing single storey dwelling.
DA.2020.47 31 Nicholson Street BURWOOD Demolition of existing semi-detached dwelling and construction of two-storey semi-detached dwelling with garage parking and associated landscape works at rear of site.
DA.2020.49 4 Carlyle Street ENFIELD Construction of a detached two storey addition to the rear of the existing 8 bedroom single storey boarding house to provide 4 additional boarding rooms with additional parking.
DA.2020.50 10 Wallace Street BURWOOD Alterations and rear addition to the existing two storey dwelling with the construction of a new pool.
DA.2020.51 6 Lyons Street STRATHFIELD

Demolish existing green keepers shed and erect a new shed, extend the existing carpark in the north eastern corner of the site accessed from Lyons Road to contain 18 car spaces and extend the existing Tennis Centre.

DA.2020.52 69 Greenshills Street CROYDON PARK Demolition of the existing swimming pool, shed and fence and the construction of a single storey detached dwelling to the rear of the existing two storey dwelling.