Excavations and Works on Council Property

Restoration and Road Opening

Before any asset on Council’s roads reserve is opened by a plumber, drainer, builder or any other person, a permit is required from Council.

Apply for a Road Opening Permit online 

You will need to pay the appropriate application fees and restoration charges.

View Council’s Policy for Works on Council Roads(PDF, 2MB)

All work on Council roads and property is to comply with this policy. This policy applies to all works related to:

  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Building Works;
  • Service connections (gas, water, sewer, electricity, telephone etc);
  • Subdivisions;
  • Drainage works including roof water connections to the kerb; and
  • All other developments and activities within or affecting the road and footpath.

Minimise your risk and visit Dial Before You Dig.

Burwood Council Drainage Pipe and Pit data can be accessed by using the Interactive Online Mapping System or by viewing a Map PDF. A link to the online mapping system will be sent to you once you apply through the “Dial Before You Dig” website.