Enfield Village Revitalisation

  • Project typeStreetscape Improvement
  • Project value$1.3M
  • Project scheduleComplete
Enfield Village Revitalisation Project

The Enfield Village Revitalisation Project sought to transform the strategic neighbourhood centre of Enfield into a vibrant local centre that better caters to the needs of the local community and enhances support for local businesses.

Key elements of Council’s project included:

  • New street hedge planting and landscaping to improve pedestrian amenity.
  • More accessible paths of travel with new paving and footpath works.
  • New street furniture, including places to sit and rest.
  • Increased safety and access to Byer Street Carpark and lighting.
  • Public artworks to activate the area and build a stronger sense of identity within Enfield Village.
  • Additional banners to add colour and vibrancy to the busy area. 

Works completed on this project in November 2022 and we hope the community enjoys the new improved infrastructure and art pieces. What a transformation!