2022/23 Road Re-Sheeting

  • Project typeRoad Re-sheeting
  • Project scheduleDec-March
General roadworks sign.jpg

As part of Burwood Council's 2022-2023 Capital Works Program, works will be undertaken in the refurbishment of our local roads. The road re-sheeting program involves the re-sheeting of roads identified for rehabilitation. 

The below roads have been identified to be treated within the coming months, weather permitting; 

  • Eurella Street – Lucas Road to Shaftesbury Road - Complete
  • Everton Lane – Everton Road to End - Complete
  • Railway Ave – Everton Rd to Everton Lane - Complete
  • Grantham St – Parramatta Road to Rowley Street - Complete
  • Henry St – Willee Street to The Boulevarde - Complete
  • Riley Lane – Nicoll Lane to Milton Street - Complete
  • Willee Street – Henry Street to Liverpool Rd (west side) - Complete
  • Wonga Street – Emu Street to The Boulevarde - Complete
  • Willee Street – Wonga Street to Henry Street - Complete
  • Nicoll Lane – Burwood Road to Neich Parade - Complete
  • Tullimbar Street – Bleinheim Street to Coronation Parade - Complete
  • Young Street – Irrara Street to Queen Street - Complete
  • Beresford Avenue – Georges River Road to House No.4 - Complete
  • Bold Street – Nicholson Street to Lindsay Street - Complete 
  • Boyle Street – Georges River Road to Violet Street - Complete
  • Arthur Street – Greenhills Street to Austin Avenue - Complete
  • Clarendon Place – Railway Parade to End - Started
  • Deane Street – Marmaduke Street to Youth Lane - Started

Council are mindful of the disruption to the community during these works and will endeavor to limit any obstructions for our residents and visitors. Works can be noisy during construction, however Council's contractors will work with local residents to ensure they are completed in good time. 

Council will continue to work towards building safer traffic facilities across the LGA for our community, as roads will continually be added to the program for rehabilitation.