‘Curfew lifting a welcome start but it’s not enough’ – Burwood Mayor

Published on 15 September 2021

Mayor in chambers.jpg
Burwood residents are delighted that their movements after dark will no longer be curtailed following the State Government’s decision to lift the controversial curfew on the 12 LGAs of Concern from tonight.


Mayor John Faker who met with the NSW Premier on Tuesday said the news was a welcome relief for the community, but is not nearly enough for an LGA where it is debatable we should even be on the hotspot list.


“I strongly support the lifting of a curfew which frankly should never have existed in the first place. The curfew was never about health it was always an enforcement tool.


“What frustrates me is that during our meeting yesterday the Premier gave no indication this was even on the table. We hear the news from the media at the 11am press conference rather than being told directly, which reflects this Government’s distaste of transparency and accountability throughout this whole crisis,” Cr Faker said.


The Mayor said the consequences of the mental toll Burwood residents were forced to endure under the restrictions imposed on LGAs of concern can’t be underestimated.


“Some of the restrictions like having to get a permit to travel into two streets away into the next suburb are ridiculous. Our businesses are doing it tough, our youth are struggling, and our multicultural community who have really tight inter-generational relationships are all feeling the mental effects of these draconian restrictions,” he said.


“Our residents have complied with everything asked of them and we’re tracking towards 90% of first vaccination doses, which is a fantastic achievement and this should be rewarded.


“I have been consistent with my message – Burwood should not be an LGA of concern. I’m not asking to be treated any differently than other parts of Sydney. We simply want transparency and fairness to allow us to experience the freedoms other suburbs with much higher case numbers and lower vaccination rates are currently enjoying,” he concluded.