Council shields Croydon from rezoning proposal

Published on 12 April 2024


Thanks to our united efforts and unwavering commitment, we have achieved a significant victory in our fight to protect the character and heritage of our beloved Croydon.

On 11 April 2024, the NSW Government announced their rezoning proposal will now not come into effect for Croydon for 9 months. The extension will mean Council is able to conduct meaningful community consultation to inform future urban renewal in the area.

After months of advocacy including countless meetings with the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, community forums and appeals through media outlets, we have finally achieved a balanced approach to tackling the housing crisis. We now have an opportunity to conserve the unique heritage character of Croydon, while meeting the needs of our growing community.

While we celebrate this victory, Council’s work remains ongoing. As we begin our investigation for future housing opportunities in Croydon, we want to hear your ideas for future growth and change in the area, including where you think we should allow new housing.

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