Justice of the Peace

Burwood Council is providing a Justice of the Peace service - Witnessing documents remotely using an Audio Visual Link (AVL)

The documents are limited to Commonwealth statutory declarations in NSW or affidavits under section 26 of the Oaths Act 1900 (NSW)

The requirements:

  • The signatory must be located in NSW
  • The signatory must sign the document using Audio Visual Link (AVL) the witness must see the signatory sign the document in real time over the AVL
  • The signatory is required to scan and email to the document to the witness
  • The witness will sign the document or an exact copy of the document, as evidence that they witnessed the signature
  • The witness must be reasonably satisfied that the document they sign is the same document, or a copy of the document signed by the signatory.
  • The witness must endorse the document with a statement that specifies the method used to witness the signature and that it was witness in accordance with section 14G of the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW)
  • The witness will scan and email the document to the signatory.

The remote witnessing provisions do not permit copies of documents to be certified remotely

  • A document cannot be certified as a true copy of the original

To make an appointment call 9911 9911