Public Participation at Council Meetings


Please note that public health and safety concerns continue to exist due to COVID-19 pandemic risks. Burwood Council falls within the area affected by the Public Health (COVID-19 Greater Sydney) Order (No 2) 2021. As a result, Council meetings are currently being convened by teleconference. These arrangements are in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993.

Citizens wanting to make representations at sittings of Council are welcome to join the teleconference using Zoom technology.  Those who simply wish to observe a meeting are also welcome to register for access via Zoom.  A representation can be in writing as well as, or instead of, speaking.

To register to address a meeting, please complete the registration form using this online link - Register to Address a Meeting of Council (

To register to observe a meeting that is being conducted online, please complete the registration form using this online link -  Register to Observe a Meeting of Council (

Registrations can be made anytime up until 2pm on the day of the meeting of interest. The details of the Zoom meeting will be emailed to those who have been registered.

If you have any difficulties with registration or other concerns about arranging representations, please contact the Governance team via email on with advice.  If the matter is urgent, please call one of our friendly Customer Service officers on 9911 9911 for assistance. 

Please keep the following in mind if you are planning to speak:

  1. There is a time limit of 3 minutes per speaker
  2. A  short extension of time to speak may be granted by the Chair, especially where it can be demonstrated that a speaker is making a representation on behalf of more than one interested party
  3. If there are many people interested in speaking on the same item of business, the Chair may ask for one speaker ‘for’ and one speaker ‘against’ where matters to be raised in each instance are the same
  4. When framing you position as ‘for’ or ‘against’ something make sure it is in relation to a recommendation being put before the Council rather than the proposal that gave rise to the Council report in which the recommendation appears
  5. It is not an additional opportunity to debate a matter or to pose questions to councillors or officers of Council
  6. People addressing the Council may answer questions put to them by councillors as part of clarifying their position or statement
  7. Council may invite critical stakeholders to present information to a meeting of Council on matters of business listed on a Council meeting agenda
  8. You are to be respectful with your remarks and not make personal reflections on or impute improper motives to anyone
  9. You need to be succinct and remain focused on the subject at hand.

By participating in or observing a meeting of Council you acknowledge that audio and visual capture of proceedings, as well as any written submissions, may form part of records which are retained by Council and are made publicly accessible.