Tree planting continues in Burwood

Published on 17 March 2021

Wangal park trees.jpg

Burwood Council will continue its effort in greening the local government area by planting an additional 500 trees on streets, following the completion of the first 500 tree planting program last year. As one of the most important assets, these 1,000 trees valued at over $100,000, will consist of 60% native and 40% exotic tree species to enhance forest biodiversity.

Additionally, nearly 100 advanced native trees will be planted in Wangal Park as part of the Greening our City Program. $325,000 has been committed including $162,000 in grant funding from the NSW Government in association with Local Government NSW that will further enhance the park’s ecological character. Plantings will include varieties of Eucalyptus including Sydney Blue Gum, Grey Ironbark, White Stringybark and White Feather Honeymyrtles.

“I am confident that the tree planting will not only make our area a beautiful place to live and enjoy, it will also play a crucial role in keeping a healthy environment, helping to remove pollution and keep our area cool. ” Mayor Faker said.

Ongoing management of our urban canopy is very important for carbon sequestration, as well as to protect the homes of native animals including birds, mammals and reptiles. 

Accordingly, Burwood Council has a zero tolerance policy in regards to unauthorised tree removals or vandalism. If you witness any vandalism to the new trees in the area, please do not hesitate to contact Council on 9911 9911 or by email at



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