Grant Park, Enfield


Grant Park is a large park located between Shelley and Ann Streets and adjoins Enfield Aquatic Centre and Henley Park. Grant park has an outdoor fitness station and a chess board area with a shaded structure. Grant Park features an obstacle course incorporates a variety of physical challenges. The equipment is designed for climbing, balance and upper body strength. There will be a timer so people can put themselves through their paces and have time trials with their friends.

Grant park has two dog off leash area with a 1200mm high fence with airlock gates, solar lights and a covered seating area with tables. Dog off leash area operating hours are from 6am-9pm. 

Grant-1.jpgGrant-3.jpgGrant-4.jpg Grant-5.jpgGrant-2-off-leash-Dog-5.jpgGrant-1-Dog-2.jpg Grant-1-Dog-3.jpgGrant-2-off-leash-Dog-1.jpgObstacle Course l 18 (30).jpgObstacle Course l 18 (20).jpg7.jpg



Between Shelley and Ann Street, adjoins Enfield Aquatic Centre, Enfield 2136  View Map

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