Early Bird Parking

Early bird parking is available across all Council's carparks, except for the Library and Community Hub carpark.

Early bird parking:

  • allows users to park all day in a nominated parking bay for a fee.
  • can be identified via the signage and line marking
  • in George Street and Wynne Avenue car parks is allowed in all parking bays on level B2 (George Street) and B1 (Wynne Avenue).

If you park in an early bird area you only need to purchase a ticket for the cost of the early bird fee and display it on your vehicle for all day parking, irrespective of what time you arrive or leave.

The time on the ticket will only show the amount paid and will not show 6pm, as long as the user is parked in an early bird area, the all-day parking will apply.

Early Bird Parking is $11. Users are advised to check signage within the car park and at the parking meters to ensure the price is still current prior to purchasing a parking ticket. 

Private carparks

Parking is also available within private carparks including: 

  • Westfield Shopping Centre 
  • Burwood Plaza 
  • Emerald Square car park
  • Wilsons John Street car park provides discount all-day parking rates.

You should review the operator's fees and charges and terms and conditions prior to using a carpark.

The map below shows the location of Council and Privately Owned Car Parks in the Burwood Council Area, including the number of available parking spaces and parking restrictions.