Apartment Buildings Composting Pilot Project

Waste audits undertaken at apartment buildings in 2019 found that approximately one third of the average household general waste bin is made up of food waste. By collecting and composting food and garden waste, we can reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and return valuable nutrients back to the earth. 

As there is often less space for personal worm farming or composting systems in apartment buildings, Burwood Council is offering the opportunity for residents living in these complexes to have a go at using a shared composting system.  This aims to support residents in reducing their waste, as well as building a strong sense of community that supports a great outcome for our local environment. 


To be eligible for the trial, your apartment building must be located within the Burwood Council Local Government Area and you must have a suitable, flat outside area of approximately 3m x 3m that can be easily and safely accessed by residents.  As part of the Expression of Interest (EoI) you will be required to gain the support of your building manager, and demonstrate this by providing their name and contact details.  Council considers the support of building managers as vital to the success of this trial.

Applications will close Friday 30 October at 5:00pm. 

The EOIs will be reviewed between September and November 2020 and successful buildings will be notified prior to the end of the year.  Five buildings will be included in this initial trial, with potential to expand the program in 2021.  Submissions from multiple residents within any one complex are welcomed.



If your building is selected, Council will be in touch with you and your building manager to discuss the trial in further detail.  A knowledge-building and  awareness-raising campaign will take place in early 2021 to inform other residents in your building that a compost bin will soon be available for use by all.  No expenses to establish the compost bin will be incurred by residents or the building manager.

The rollout of the compost bins in buildings and associated educational programs will take place from February 2021.  Council will invite feedback from residents to evaluate the success of the trial.