Budget Busters from Burwood Library

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Budget busters

Getting ahead with your money is becoming harder each day. With the cost of living rising, wages are failing to keep up. The library has compiled some handy hints on how to beat the credit squeeze and get ahead.

Making your money work harder for you.

You can always make some minor changes to the way you spend your money. By reviewing your spending habits savings can be made, each may only be minor but these will accumulate into larger savings overall. The consumer group CHOICE has made a list of great hints on where you can make savings.

Grocery shopping

The weekly grocery bill is one area that it is easy to overspend. With a little planning you can make savings here as well. To do this compile a shopping list. Use of an app can help on price comparisons. Examples of these apps are Smartcart, Frugal or Wiselist. You can also download the supermarket apps and view the specials from these provides here as well. Specials start each week on Wednesday, but you should be able to view the next week’s specials on Monday. Don’t forget to check your local small independent grocer as well.

Savings can also be made by buying in bulk. If you can purchase with other households, this increases your buying power. Savings can be made by going to factory outlets and markets.

Bills and utilities

The NSW Government has a range of vouches and rebates that can assist in reducing the cost of living.

The Australian Government has a guide to Reduce your energy bills.

Tips from Canstar for reducing electricity consumption and from NSW Government .

Creating your budget
Creating a budget really allows you to take control of your money. It will help you control where your spending goes and even make savings.

Creating a budget

Budgeting strategies

Where to find help - Emergency payments

At times circumstances are out of our control. This does not stop the bills coming in. So the Smart Money web site run by the Australian Government has valuable information for you.



Where to find help - Counselling services
Sometimes it’s best to talk to someone to help you get through tough times. Here is a select list of services that can help you.