2024 Business Impact Commendation

Lithium Bicycle

Lithium Bicycle has demonstrated a proactive commitment to community safety by working with Council and NSW Police to organise a road safety educational seminar.

These initiatives have not only contributed to the local economy but ensure a safer environment for all road users in Burwood. Thank you to the team at Lithium Bicycle for your hard work contributing to the economy and community safety. 


Tomato Art

Tomato Art has actively engaged with the local community, offering classes and workshops for people of all ages and skill levels to explore their creativity.

They have collaborated with local schools, community centres and organisations, contributing to their personal growth. Thank you to the Tomato Art team for creating and moulding creative connections in Burwood! 


King Tea Burwood

King Tea Burwood is a popular tea vendor in the middle of Burwood Chinatown that volunteers and donates to the Salvation Army. Congratulations to King Tea Burwood for all your success, adding to the vibrant flavours of Burwood Chinatown, and for your passionate contribution to local charitable causes.