2024 25+ years Silver Commendation

The AV Dept

The AV Dept has supported live events in Burwood for over 30 years, some of which include Council led events like the Burwood Festival, Carols in the Park, Anzac Day, Lunar New Year and many more.

The AV Dept are always busy and diligent behind the scenes assisting with power, access, crowd management, and event flow. 


Aum Spice Centre

Aum Spice Centre has provided locals with authentic spices and ingredients sourced all the way from Sri Lanka and India for more than 30 years.

Aum Spice Centre is a small family-owned business located along The Strand in Croydon, where locals can find inspiration in their ingredients. Well done to the Aum Spice Centre for adding decades of variety to our area! 


Maria's Bakery Group

Maria’s Bakery Group has been an integral part of the Burwood community for 33 years, with their team sourcing local ingredients for their traditional and authentic products, boosting the local economy.


The Trophy Store

The Trophy Store has been inspiring champions for 30 years. Setting up shop on Georges River Road in 1994, The Trophy Store is a small business that has remained on top of Croydon’s trophy cabinet selling medals and trophies from the front door and online.

image of owner accepting award from the mayor

ASCH International Business Group

ASCH International Business Group has helped locals and businesses plan and manage their tax requirements for 29 years and ensure they always understand federal and local laws. Thank you for participating in Burwood’s development, and congratulations for your success over the years.