2P Prime Parking Permit Information

2P Prime Parking Permit Image -
2P Prime Parking Permit Image

Council has introduced a 2P Prime Parking Permit that entitles residents to receive two hours of free parking per day in the following Council car parks:

  • Belmore Street
  • Elizabeth Street
  • George Street
  • Meryla Street
  • Parnell Street
  • Wynne Avenue
  • Library and Community Hub, Conder Street

Conditions of Use:

  • Council will distribute the 2P Prime Parking Permit to residents on a yearly basis.
  • This new permit must be displayed affixed to the windscreen on the passenger side of the vehicle by the adhesive application provided on the back of the sticker.
  • The permit will provide residents with two hours of free parking in Council car parks
  • Permits may be used a maximum of one time per day.
  • You may not move your car to another space within the same car park after two hours have expired.
  • If you wish to stay longer than two hours in the car park, you must purchase a ticket from the parking station when the first two hours have expired.
  • This permit does not allow you to park on the street for free where a parking provision applies.
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