Street Lights

Are your Street Lights Out?

Street lighting is a vital service that helps keep the community safe and secure.   Ausgrid owns and maintains about maintains about 250,000 streetlights on behalf of 41 local councils, community associations and statutory authorities across its network.  This includes the street lighting in this local government area. Ausgrid endeavours to repair street lighting faults as quickly as possible. Note that some underground street lighting faults can take longer to repair.  Ausgridhas introduced energy efficient street lights as a standard and improved its maintenance regime to include:

·the systematic replacement of lamps in every street light on a regular basis as a pre-emptive measure
· the regular replacement of intelligent sensors that turn the lights on and off
·night time patrols on a regular basis
·the gradual transfer of power supply for street lights to the more reliable low voltage network

You can inform Ausgrid of any problems with street lights by either:

1.      Phoning its 24 hour contact centre on 1800 044 808 or

2.      By entering details of the problem directly on to its website at: