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RBT means you need a plan B. -
RBT means you need a plan B.
Safe driving - speed cameras help reduce fatalities -
Safe driving - speed cameras help reduce fatalities

We are all road users at some time, be that as a pedestrian, driver, cyclist or passenger. An overwhelming number of crashes in NSW (almost 50%) occur in local communities and on local streets. Given that councils are responsible for almost 80% of our roads so local government is a good place to start tackling road safety.

The Local Government Road Safety Officer program is a collaborative approach for achieving road safety in NSW. Burwood Council works with the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS), Police and other organisations to address local road safety issues and contribute to the state-wide effort of reducing the incidence and severity of crashes.

Every three years, Council develops an Action Plan to outline priorities going forward to address the issues for concern in our own community. Each financial year, the Centre for Road Safety contribute funding to deliver local programs for local communities. 

Priorities are determined by statistical analysis and community consultation to identify priority road safety issues and high-risk road user groups throughout the Burwood local government area.

This financial year, Council will be implementing the following initiatives:

Furthermore, Council's Road Safety Officer also co-ordinates Road Safety Steering Committee meetings which look at a number of issues 

For enquiries regarding road safety in the Burwood Council area, please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer on 9911 9911 or via email