Road Safety In Burwood

Burwood Council is committed to improving road safety and we have appointed a Road Safety Officer, in partnership with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to work with the community and implement innovative crash prevention programs.  

  Every year local road safety issues are identified through analysis of local crash data provided by the RMS, and through consultation with residents, police, schools and other stakeholders.

By using the Safe Systems Approach  Council implements road safety programs designed to make our roads and roadsides safe, promote safer speeds and vehicles and improving road user behavior.  


Our programs include;

- Free child car restraints checking

- Free Learner Driver Workshops for trainers

- Pedestrian Safety - “Look Out Before You Step Out’  

- Speed management - “Slow Down in My Street”  

- Safety Around Schools – “Illegal Parking, Poor Supervision & Distraction, puts children’s lives at risk”

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Road Safety - Burwood Council

We are all road users at some time, be that as a pedestrian, driver, cyclist or passenger.