Graduate Licensing Scheme

GLS Workshop - Leading Senior Constable Rangayia and Senior Constable Hockey pictured with participants of the GLS workshop.
GLS Workshop
GLS Workshop 2017 - Annually the Graduate Licence Scheme is held in Burwood LGA. Each LGA across Sydney host one of these workshops each year. For more information about the next workshop near you or to obtain materials distributed contact Council's Road Safety Officer.
GLS Workshop 2017
HWP - Leading Senior Constable Rangayia from Burwood Highway Patrol explaining the dangers facing young drivers on the road.
GLS Workshop demonstration HWP car - Senior Constable Hockey from Burwood Highway Patrol shows participants of the GLS workshop through the highway patrol vehicles and the technology they use to keep our roads safe.
GLS Workshop demonstration HWP car

The Graduate Licensing Scheme (GLS) workshops are a Transport for NSW program that ensures teaching learner drivers is a happy experience. Through a specific targeted program, the workshop addresses the pathway Learner Drivers are required to undergo in order to meet the requirements of the NSW Licencing Scheme.

The workshop, delivered annually for free by the Road Safety Officer, and often includes attendance by the Burwood Highway Patrol, who talk about the over representation of young drivers in crash statistics. The workshop is interactive, informal yet informative and provides supervisors with not only the skills but confidence for teaching someone to drive. In the delivery there are examples about how digital technology has advanced and log books can be completed through phone apps or still via the old fashioned pen and paper.

It is hoped that at the completion of the two hour workshop, supervisors are confident in their ability to teach someone to drive. The presentation addresses the following:

  • Supervising learner drivers
  • What is involved in being a supervising driver
  • Issues facing young drivers
  • How the NSW graduated licensing scheme works
  • Laws associated with Learner and Provisional drivers
  • Lesson planning and dealing with stress
  • Completing the Learner Driver Log Book
  • Benefits of the on-road driving experience
  • Low risk drivingĀ 
  • Becoming a safe solo driver
  • Question and Answers from Council's Road Safety Officer and Burwood Highway Patrol

To enquire about the next GLS workshop contact Council's Road Safety Officer on 9911 9974 or via email at

New dates will also be advertised on Council's social media channels.