Graffiti Management



What do we do?

Council only removes graffiti that is:

  • offensive in nature and accessible from a public place; and
  • located on council assets and/or property

What can you do?

To assist us in identifying offenders and better target resources to hotspots you are encouraged to:

  1. Report the graffiti to the NSW Police on the Police Assistance Line (PAL) on 131 444 and record the event number police provide you with
  2. Report the graffiti via VandalTrak. You can visit the website and follow the prompts or download the free app on your smart phone
  3. Log in and register the graffiti - don't forget to include the Police Event Number provided


What do you do if your property has been vandalised?

While Council does not remove graffiti from private property, you can purchase a graffiti cleaning kit that are user friendly, environmentally sustainable and cost effective. You can purchase these kits from most hardware or paint stores.

    Your help in reporting graffiti is important. By following the steps above, we can ensure a prompt  response to the graffiti removal and be better equipped to identify perpetrators.