Burwood's Minor Parks and Reserves

The following parks and reserves provide green space in addition to the larger recreational areas.

  • Acton Street Reserve – Acton Street, Croydon between Bay and Rockleigh Streets
  • Barbara Holborow Park - Croydon Park, between Rawson and Stanley Streets
  • Cobden/Shelley Street Reserve – corner of Cobden and Shelley Streets, Enfield
  • Everton Park – Everton Road, Strathfield
  • Fitzroy Street Reserve – Fitzoy Street
  • Horton Reserve – Wyatt Avenue, Burwood
  • King Edward Street Reserve – King Edward Street, Croydon
  • Luke Avenue Reserve – Luke Avenue, Burwood
  • McCall Avenue Reserve – McCall Avenue, Croydon Park between Linthorn and Eden Avenues
  • Mills Crescent Reserve – Mills Crescent, Burwood
  • Mitchell Reserve – Willee Street, Strathfield
  • Paisley Road Reserve – Paisley Road, Croydon adjoining Croydon Railway Station
  • Parnell Street Garden – Parnell Street and Wentworth Road, Strathfield
  • Richmond Street Reserve – Richmond Street, Croydon between Rockleigh Street and Claude Lane
  • Rochester Reserve – Macgregor Street, Croydon Park
  • Shaftesbury Reserve – corner of Fitzroy Street and Shaftesbury Road, Burwood
  • Stanley Street Reserve – corner of Georges River Road and Stanley Street, Croydon Park
  • Tangarra Street Reserve – Tangarra Street, Croydon Park
  • Trelawney Street Reserve – Trelawney Street, Croydon Park between Weil Avenue and Yandarlo Street
  • Webb Street Reserve – corner Webb and Grosvenor Streets, Croydon
  • White Street Reserve – White Street, Strathfield
Parks and Reserves
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