School zones and other areas


Schools: Kiss and drop zones

All the schools in the Burwood area have a designated kiss and drop zone located at the front of the school for parents/guardians to be able to drop off and pick up their child legally.

These areas are sign posted ‘No Parking’ between school times and days. In a ‘No Parking’ area a driver can stop for 2 Minutes and must stay within 3 meters of their vehicle. This allows you to park your vehicle, get out and assist your child and drive off slowly making room for the next vehicle.

Please refer to the Australian Road Rules.


Burwood has free motorcycle parking bays located in Park Avenue, outside number 2-8, Burwood Road, outside 130 Burwood Road and in Victoria Street opposite Westfields.

Motorcycles are required to purchase a parking ticket and display the ticket in a visible location in any metered parking zone.