How we've improved


T-Corp Report 

In April 2013, The NSW Treasury Corporation released Financial Sustainability of the New South Wales Local Government Sector.

The report provided a financial assessment of the 152 councils in NSW.

In the report, Burwood was given a Sustainabilty Rating of ‘Weak’ however was given a ‘Positive’ Outlook.

Some of the factors which contributed to a Council receiving a 'Positive' Outlook included:

  • A detailed program of maintenance and renewal works to reduce the Infrastructure Backlog
  • Additional own sourced revenue in the short term which would improve Council's financial flexibility
  • Proactive in seeking cost savings with efficiency programs in place

To view the full TCorp assessment click here

'Positive' Outlook

Over the past few years we have concentrated on making Burwood Council stronger, more efficient and more strategic.

This has been achieved through a number of ways:

Despite maximising efficiencies to better align service delivery with community expectation, these actions are not enough for Council to continue to address the backlog in infrastructure without compromising other services as identified in the revised Asset Management Plan.

As a result, we're proposing a special variation above the permissible rate peg, starting in 2019/20 for a four year period.  

Click here to view Financial Statements for the Period Ending 30 June 2018