Library Strategy

Our Library's Future

We will have a library with customised services and resources provided to suit the needs of our community. And we will ensure that each of our communities’ unique voices are heard and responded to. We will provide the books, CDs, DVDs, e-books, e-magazines, computer hardware, databases and whatever the future holds in terms of new technology necessary to deliver information services and recreational materials to our communities.

We will help people acquire the knowledge of how to use the technology and to gain access to information. This is our most valuable role, to teach information literacy skills to our people, so that they can use technology for themselves and access the information that is relevant to them. We will carry on doing what we have always done as a library service constantly evolving as new tools, new spaces including virtual spaces become available and we will develop new skills. The Burwood library of the future will look different - brighter, more open, more welcoming. The library will be a safe, attractive space, which fosters a sense of community and preserves and celebrates Burwood’s own unique culture.

As technology develops we will add to those tools that we already use. We will help our community to be part of the knowledge society, to catch the knowledge wave. We will be part of e-government to enable our Burwood residents to access public information and to be involved in local democratic processes.

Our librarians will use the skills they already have and will take every opportunity to enhance those skills. We will ensure we keep up with new developments in technology, as a major role that we fulfil is to train and tutor customers in the use of new technologies. The library will continue to be a core Council service. However, we realise we can't do all of this alone and because we strive to deliver on Burwood 2030 we will explore the possibility of partnerships with other agencies and community groups in order to assist us to deliver the best outcomes for Burwood. This will include looking at the possibility of providing some library services on a wider basis in co-operation with others in the Burwood area and beyond.

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