Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How do I pay my rates?
You can pay rates online, in person at the Customer Service desk, by phone on 13 18 16 or by mail, rates assessment number required.

How can I change my address for rates and documentation?

Click here to view the change of address form.

How do I apply for a pensioner rebate on my council rates and how much do I get off my council rates?

Click here   to view a fact sheet on rates for pensioners to see if you’re eligible.

Click here to view the Pensioner Concession Application Form.
Click here to view the Rates and Charges Hardship Assistance Policy.


Waste and clean up

How many Council cleanups are there per year and when are they?
Council offers two free of charge annual clean up services to every household.

1. Scheduled clean up – See the 2015 Scheduled Clean Up Map to find out when your next clean up is planned. A note will be letterbox dropped two weeks prior to your area clean up.

2. Phone-in clean up – Each household is able to call Customer Service on 9911 9911 to arrange one clean up, Council will book you in to the next available date, please allow up to two weeks. A sticker with your booking date is sent to you and must be placed on your items to ensure collection. Maximum quantity is 1.5m3 and must be placed on the Council nature strip the night before.

3. Each household is entitled to book in for one free bulk green waste pick up per calendar year.

How many waste/recycling/garden bins am I allowed to have?
Burwood Council offers its residents:

  • 1 x 120 litre bin with a red lid for household waste, collected weekly.
  • 1 x 240 litre bin with a yellow lid for recyclables collected fortnightly. This bin is collected on the alternate week to the garden vegetation service.
  • 1 x 240 litre bin with a green lid for garden vegetation collected fortnightly. This bin is collected on the alternate week to the recycling service.

Only two bins are ever placed out at the same time. Click here to view waste collection calendar.

I am a resident of Burwood Council and I have some computer equipment, cables, and a couple of TVs to dispose of, can Council collect these items?
There are regular free monthly e-waste drop off days at Councils works depot available to residents.

Click here to view available dates and acceptable items.

I have paint tins, motor oil, car battery and a gas bottle to dispose.

These products can not be included in the household clean up but a household chemical clean out is available by calling the environment line on 131 555.

I have a business in Burwood, how do I dispose of my rubbish and recycling?
Council provides a commercial service. Click here for a list fees.

I live above a shop and I do not have any garbage bins?
Contact Council to discuss your waste options.

Can Council mow my nature strip?
Pensioners are eligible to apply for nature strip mowing. Click here to view the application.


How many parking permits can I have?
The maximum number of residential permits is two but depends on the number of off-street parking spaces available at the place of residence/business.

Please note that under certain circumstances, one extra Resident Parking Permit may be issued to residents with one or two off-street parking spaces only.

Residents may also request one extra non-transferable Visitor permit in lieu of a Resident Permit.

Click here to view FAQs about Council’s Parking Permit Scheme.

Does Council offer Early Bird parking?
Early Bird parking is available in all of Council's metered car parks, excluding the Library and Community Hub car park.

All parking spaces in the Conder Street car park are available as Early Bird parking.

Users who are able to park in an Early Bird identified parking bay simply need to display a ticket valued to the Early Bird rate and then they are entitled to park all day.

Click here  to view a map of Council car parks.

If a user parks in an Early Bird area, irrespective of what time they arrive or leave, they only need to purchase a ticket to the value of the early bird fee and display it on their vehicle for all day parking. The time on the ticket will only show the amount paid and will not show 6pm, as long as the user is parked in an early bird area, the all day parking will apply.


There is a car that is parked at the front of my house for over a week, can the Council infringement the vehicle?
Cars are entitled to legally park on any street as long as it is registered and not in a parking restricted zone.

If the car is within a residential parking scheme and does not have a parking permit for the allocated parking zone, Council Parking Officers can infringe.



There is a stray cat in my backyard, what do I do?
Residents are responsible for trapping feral cats using a specific cat trap, in accordance with The Companion Animals Act 1998.

Once the cat has been caught, Council will assess the cat to determine whether it is feral, and then assist with its removal. If it’s determined that the cat is not feral, it may be released on site.

Council encourages residents to speak with local cat organisations such as The Cat Protection Society to understand best practices in dealing with cat issues. Council understands that cats are loved family pets, therefore impounding and removing them is restricted to when they have been deemed as feral or a nuisance.

There’s an abandoned car in my street, can it be towed away?
If you think there’s an abandoned car in your street, please report it to Council. The vehicle will then be inspected and registration status checks will be carried out to determine if the car is registered.

If the vehicle is unregistered, a letter will be sent to the last registered owner seeking the vehicle to be removed from the roadway. If the owner fails to remove the vehicle after a seven day period from the date of the letter, an Order may be issued with formal instructions.

If the vehicle is registered and not breaching any parking provisions, Council will have no power to remove or request removal of the vehicle.  


Is there a J.P. service at Council?

A Justice of the Peace is available at Burwood Library, every Friday from 10.00am to 12.00pm during school terms. Please contact the Library for details.


See below for a list of Council's most popular documents.

  • Parking Area Map

    Tue, 14 June 2016
  • This directory provides information on the health and medical services in the Inner West area of Sydney. It has been prepared as an outcome of the Burwood2030 Strategic Plan to improve residents’ access to local facilities and as an initial step aims “to identify health and medical services within the Inner West.” For the purpose of this directory “Inner West” refers to the Local Government Areas of Ashfield, Burwood, City of Canada Bay, Leichhardt and Strathfield.The information has been compiled to assist all ages with key contact information and the listing is grouped by topic:Age-related Services Crisis Assistance and Support ProgramsFamily Support ServicesHealth Support Services For FamiliesHospitals Hospitals and Emergency ServicesKey Government ContactsMental HealthNursing HomesSupport Services for Parents of Children with a DisabilityYouth Services and Youth Health The information has been compiled by Burwood Council for the community.

    Fri, 29 June 2012
  • The 2012 “Inner West Child & Family Directory” is a fantastic resource listing a range of support services across the region, relevant for families with children 0-12years. It includes information and contact details about: family support services; health services; govt contacts; help-lines; childcare centres; playgroups; primary schools; Out of School Care; Vacation care; other relevant community facilities and parks with playgrounds.  Four Councils have contributed to the book – Ashfield, Burwood, Canada Bay and Strathfield, and it is now available to residents. Residents can get a hard copy at any of the contributing Councils administration centres.

    Fri, 29 June 2012
  • Nature strip mowing application form 

    Thu, 23 May 2013
  • Pensioner Concession Application Form 

    Tue, 11 June 2019
  • Risk Management - Incident Reporting Forms

    Mon, 25 November 2019